Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas


Author James E. Foster
 Published by Quill Books

James was raised here in Elk City, he is in Special Forces. He lives in Colorado with his wife Dorte and 2 children, Freja and Charlie. James is due to retire in August after 22 years of Military Service.

The time again has turned to spring,
the flowers sprout and robins sing,
fish are flopping in mountain streams,
how spring colors our very dreams.

Soon summer brings warmth and it's time to crop hay,
to store in the red barn all in a day.

Start up the John Deere and combine the wheat,
to make bread and cereal for the hungry to eat.

Then leaves turn their color and autumn is here,
mornings wake up with Jack Frost in the air.

Squirrels gather nuts to store in their nest,
and the geese soon fly south on their long gest.

Soon the white of winter shows up in the night,
to wake all in the morn to a beautiful sight.

Tis' time to sit down next to the fire,
and tell of past stories till all us tire.

Then away to bed for a long nights sleep,
the memories of the year for our dreams to keep,
to wake in the morning for a New Year starts,
spring, summer, autumn, and winter .... the year four parts.

Copyright ©1986 James Foster

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