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    3rd Quarter 2013
    July, August, September 2013

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Elk City's "Old Settlers Day" Pictures from 2013

Elk City's Fair about 1948

Old Settlers Day 2013

Wednesday night kicked off the 2013 Old Settlers’ Days with a group of volunteer men setting up the booths in the Community Building. Thursday morning the ladies from clubs, churches & library gathered to decorate the booths and get ready for the exhibit entries. We do appreciate all the work that the helpers do in the building during the fair. Friday morning the exhibits came rolling in. All the booths were decorated and even an extra spot was used. The flowers, veggies, canned goods, art work, crafts, afghans and quilts were in abundance. We all missed Donna Imhoff this year checking all the exhibits in and down at the fair under her tent handing out the winnings.

Friday night began with the Wayne Johnson Memorial Car Show and crowning of the Fair Queen. Concession stands were open selling a variety of food this year as well as the BBQ Cook-off underway. The pie auction and door prizes began after the fair crowning. Thanks to all who donated the door prizes. They were very nice. The cake walk was set up and 30 cakes were given away to the lucky winners. The evening concluded with the Farm Bureau’s Kid’s Tractor Pull.

Biscuits and gravy served by the First Christian Church was a good way to start Saturday morning. The grand parade was organized and we’re off. After the parade, the community building is open for viewing of the exhibits and it’s back to the ball field for food and fun! The kids races were organized and the kids entertained everyone with the Basketball free throw shoot, the adults entertained with Horseshoe pitching and Tony was also the hit of the afternoon for furnishing popsicles to the basketball players. Turtle races, medallion hunt, inflatable obstacle course and many different vendor booths kept everyone entertained on a very hot afternoon. The volleyball games got underway and the salsa contest was announced . Only one entry this year, where were all the salsa makers!

The BBQ cook-off was a yummy success. The bean cookers enjoyed their afternoon and the beans were tasty! As the crowd gathered for the bean feed, Indy Orchestra entertained and after dinner music was provided by Outlaw Souls, with members having ties to the community. The talent show proved we have some great local talent. The pony pull and dancing to Retro Rockerz concluded the evening and Old Settler’s Days.

Elk City's "Old Settlers Day" Pictures from 2013

Baseball in Elk City

The rain played havoc on the ball field and the baseball tournament schedule this year. It takes A lot of hard work getting the field ready. Thanks to all the players who helped work the field and umpire the games. Both are jobs that someone has to do and they do it for free. Thanks and to all and see you next year!

The Frito Pies continued to be the hit of the concession stand and PRIDE appreciates all those who donated chili and supplies or worked the stand and spent money!!

Two Elk City Teams are:

The First Oak Bank Team

Orange Team

Around Town

Sure seems to be some unusual events around Elk City this quarter. There was an authentic old fashioned covered wagon heading down Hwy 160 the first week in October. Got a couple of nice pictures and the driver stopped to visit. They started out at Asbury, Mo about 20 miles north of Joplin and are headed to Dodge City, On the wagon is Josh Johnson, shot gun and Larry Osborn; driving following in the car is Catlin Hall. The gray horse is named Tessa and the black is Maggie. The horses have been pasture horses most of their lives and this was the first time on the road. They have had a few scary times with the horses learning the ways of the road. One incidence was in Independence, when the horses got to the overpass bridge the gray did not like the metal connecting claws on the bridge and they about got away from them. If it hadn’t been for a motorist blocking their way they would have jumped into the path of a semi. They sleep on cots outside. The guy in the car did not start with the wagon, he joined the group a few days after they started out. They are using Springfield Wagon Gear and a International Box. It looks plenty authentic. We wish them safe travel and good weather.

PRIDE sponsored the concession stand at the Elk City Softball League Games.

Carson Lodge is sending two band students to the Shrine Bowl Band Camp. They will also play at halftime in the football game that day. The Masonic Grand Lodge of Kansas will again hold an Essay Contest. This is the 54th consecutive contest for Junior and Senior class students in the tax-supported public high schools of Kansas. The topic for this year’s Essay Contest is entitled: “Would you vote to maintain the current electoral college system or reform it. Winners of the local Lodge contests will compete for State scholarships.

"Max" celebrated his first birthday on Wed. Sept. 11th at his home in Independence. We celebrated with finger Foods, snacks and birthday cake. Max enjoyed his cake made of sweet feed, sunflower seed kernels, and peanut butter, topped with a carrot candle. The rest of us enjoyed a chocolate cake in the shape of a donkey. Max is also seen in the Old Settlers Day Parade

The Christmas Parade is scheduled this year on December 14th at 6:00 p.m. and the float entries will be lit up with lights and should be quite beautiful.

The Gingham Aprons FCE went on a fall tour to Bartlett Kansas and toured the Amish shops.

Early one morning in September a hot air balloon landed in a pasture, it came in low from the southwest and landed in the pasture before hitting a hedge row. Don't know where it came from or where it was going. Thirty minutes later it was loaded and gone.

Church News

A couple of ladies from the Methodist Church volunteered a few days at the KECUMW Mission. They learned about Domestic Violence. Spent some time at a homeless shelter, feeding and talking with all the different people who traveled through there that day. They are packed full everyday with a max of 125 people who can stay at the shelter but they feed three meals a day to over 185 homeless.

They visited a fair trade store, it is a place that only sells items that were made overseas and the makers were granted an actually working wage. Most of these items are recycled, like a bracelet that is made out of glass that is found in Kenya.

The Nazarene Church hosts Kids Korner very Wednesday evening. Kids Korner is off to a great start. We are traveling with Moses through the Bible Book of Exodus. Our annual Hot Dog Roast was held. Kids Korner is for children age 4 thru the 5th grade.

The Nazarene church will have David Smart as their guest. David is an accomplished guitarist. He plays a variety of guitars and styles of music. You will enjoy his special ministry. We will receive a love offering for David as part of our service.

The Women of the First Christian Church are hosting a community free meal in September. The meal will be Mexican Food. Come join us for a good meal and lots of fellowship.

Model T Update

On the evening of September 5th, we were working on the Model T at the shop and taking it back to its home. When we went to back it up, and we had a Stanley Steamer instead of a Ford Model T. So I talked to Jimmy and we decided to pull the head off Friday morning to see what was wrong and we found a new rust hole in the head. So we went to see about a head gasket and see if he had knowledge of any heads around, but he didn’t know of any at that time. Jimmy and I came back to town pretty bummed out because we had been working so hard to have it ready for the Car show and Parade for Old Settler's Day. An hour later, Elmer shows up at Jimmy's with a good used head and a new gasket that he remembered he had in his shop. Jimmy called me and we rushed to get it cleaned up. Several Elk Citians showed up at the shop and we all rallied together and had it put back together by 2:30 p.m. that day. So a Thank you for the donation from Elmer at the last minute to make it happen in time for the Car Show.

Update on Model T; Still looking for pictures of the Model T in its early years. Donations help to restore the history and restore the Model T to its original condition. We had to take some time off of the rebuilding to take care of ourselves. We now have the Model T running. We took the old radiator to a radiator man and he did what he could but it was too far gone and still has a leak. We need to purchase a new one to replace it, the new one will cost $900.00. Donation can be sent to Model T Fund at P. O. Box 176 Elk City, Kansas 67344.

Tid Bits by Jane


Let us start out by what I learned this month..... Fireworks are beautiful and dangerous!! A young man from Longton was severely injured when a firework exploded in his face. Some of the guys were reminiscing about who lived where in town in the good "ol days" or the olden days. We even had a history lesson on Bullet Hole Ellis. For some of you young readers, I included the story in this newsletter. Wheat harvest is over and the overall yields were very good despite threats of wind, rain and hail. The corn and beans were growing but could desperately use a rain which we got in July. But the 100 degree days sure made a corn roll up. It sure is nice to have fresh tomatoes and sweet corn again. I made a first batch of salsa and shared with the farmers table, speaking of which one guy stopped in to share blonde jokes.... mmm not sure he is invited back :-)

Garden produce is the best part of summer, although all the work to get that produce certainly isn't fun, especially the weed pulling! Round up works good, unless you hit the wrong plant! Rain on the 20th of July was wonderful. It is so nice to see rain in July. The corn was rolled up and the beans were not growing. Gardens and flower beds needed water. What a saving rain for all, although some around the area could have done without the wind and hail. The corn fields along the highway were either blown down or shredded from hail and a couple of utility poles were blown over. The old road going south of town was sure littered with trees and leaves.

Won't be long until plans are underway for the fair and the BBQ cook off. Don't forget to volunteer your services, the Fair Board needs your help.


It’s almost fair time. Can you feel the excitement in the air! I hope everyone is finding a way to help with the fair. Thanks to those of you who lend your time to help & participate. It’s the same ‘ol, same ‘ol at the farmer’s table. Hot, dry, no bean crop. The corn results were about ½ what they should have been. If you were or have been lucky enough to have some rain, it definitely shows in the crops. HAHA.. think I’m nuts don’t you. I looked back as to what the farmers were complaining about last year and it was sure different than this year! The corn results are going to be ½ what they should have been, if you were lucky enough NOT to get rain, wind or hail. WET & no sunshine, the bean crop is drowning. Nobody wants to complain about rain in July and August or at least be heard complaining, but there can be too much of a good thing! How quickly the weather can change!

I was finally able to get the yard mowed. It seemed like it was a foot tall. It could have easily baled hay after I mowed! And I still mowed thru water and mud, sliding down the hill, getting stuck only once.

How does your garden grow? Mine is producing fairly good despite the growing conditions. What I learned this month: I don’t like having so many friends and neighbors obituaries in the paper! Thank you Jesus for the SUNSHINE!!!


Another Old Settler’s Days has come and gone. My feet & legs were tired after two days in the concession stand, but not too tired to dance to the Retro Rockerz. I’m sure several others involved felt the same way about 10 pm Saturday night! The fair is a good time for young & old alike, but for those who do the work to put on the fair it’s tiring mentally & physically.

There was some reminiscing this month around the table – Elk City in the past, identifying faces in a 1948 EC basketball team picture, old cars, old homesteads, moonshine & bootlegging days, past & present, critiquing of the fair, sorrowful to lose so many members of the community, the recent being Wilbur McGee from west of Elk City.

Pastor Ron Kuszak has taken a pastoring job with the Longton Christian Church. We wish them well. I didn’t find out anything about the balloon that went over. What I learned this month, just turn your flinger up faster and everything will work better. (This in reference to grain bins) and if you want to receive first place in the salsa contest, be the only entry!!! But it must have been the best, who was there to dispute it.


Toomey age 79 died July 6th
Vance, John Wesley age 64
Koger Anthony Laverne, age 58, attended Elk City School
Hass, Wanda Lenora age 89 of Elk City died July 6th, the daughter of Guy & Lela (BALL) Dawson.
Koger, Louan age 78 died July 30th, cremation
Imhoff, Donna Jean, born July 24, 1938, attended Elk City Schools, burial Oak Hill Cemetery
Oliver, Boyd G., born April 4, 1927, attended Elk City Schols, burial Oak Hill Cemetery
Hogan, Wesley A. Sr., died August 13, 2013 burial in Oak Hill Cemetery
McGee, Wilbur Dean age 76, died August 28, 2013

The Good Old Days
Taken from the Elk City Sun dated October 4, 1968 in the 25 year ago column

Elk City Sun October 8, 1943

Carson Lodge No. 132 A. F. & A. M. of this city will celebrate its 70th anniversary at the stated communication on next Monday night October 11th.
Mrs. E. P. Bobbitt was visiting at Oxford, Kans. from last Thursday until Monday with her sister, Mrs. C. L. Nicholson and children
Mrs. Marie Whistler who is employed at the Independence air base, spent Sunday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Whistler of Prairie district.
Mrs. Claude Ward visited yesterday with relatives in Longton.
Sgt. Chester Cox, who is attached to Billings General Hospital Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind., came in last week to spend a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cox Sr. and other relatives of this community.
Effective last Friday October 1st. the value of B and C gas ration coupons are reduced from 3 to 2 gallons each. The value of A coupons remains at 3 gallons each for the present.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Drybread and baby left Sunday in their car for Dallas, Texas where they were called by the critical illness of Mrs. Drybread's grandfather.
A farm house on the Mrs. G. R. Mathews farm in Powell Valley district, southwest of Elk City, was totally destroyed by fire Wednesday together with the contents. C. G. Collins occupied the place
Township Trustee J. W. Eversole sustained a very painful injury to his right arm one day this week. He was assisting the township grader when a heavy bolt, protruding from the grader tongue, came in contact with his arm in such a manner as to tear a deep gash across his arm.
The temperature dropped to 42 degrees Wednesday but there was no appreciable frost.
Mrs. Clyde Renfro is assisting in the post office during the absence of Miss Mary Clingan.
Mrs. Willard Cranz came in yesterday evening to visit overnight with Miss Mary Clingan
Mrs. Ollie Clark left Tuesday to visit several days at Muskogee, Okla. with her sister Mrs. J. M. Wise and husband and also with friends at Rogers, Ark.
Miss Dorothy Hogan of Independence was visiting here Saturday and Sunday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. George Hogan of the Hale vicinity and her grandmother, Mrs. Ella Miller of this city
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ward had as week end visitors their son, Cpl. C. A. Ward who is in training at Camp Crowder near Neosho, Mo. and their daughter Miss Ruth, who is employed in an aircraft plant at Wichita.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sailor and children of route 3 left Monday night in their car for Eugene, Oreg., where they were called by the critical illness of Mr. Sailor's sister, Mrs. Ervin Raney.
Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Coleman of Wichita were visiting here from Sunday until Tuesday with the latter's brother, Stanley Foster and her sister, Mrs. W. H. Wehemeyer and family
Lt. Robert L. Krone who has been stationed at Denver, Colo. since receiving his commission in the U. S. Air Corps, has been transferred to Atlanta, Ga. according to word received this week by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Krone.
F. M. Bertenshaw, living three miles west of town, is the champion fisherman so far this year. Last Saturday he caught a 32 lb. catfish in Elk River near his place. The fish was 3-1/2 feet in length
Chas. Pinnell and wife of Independence, Mr. and Mrs. W. Beathe, Murel Kimrey and family, Glen Kimrey and family, Ralph Kimrey and family, Chas. Hough and wife, Sherman Pinnell, all of Wichita were visiting here Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Miles Hough and family and other relatives and old friends in this community.

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