Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 Tax Rolls Louisburg
Township Year  1871 


    This list of names is taken from the Montgomery County Tax Rolls, Louisburg Township for the year of 1871. The Independence, Kansas Museum was kind enough to share the information for listing on this Web Site. The names on the original ledger are hand written and we transcribed them as best as possible from handwritten material. Three different people have given their opinion on what they believe the names are, if we have more than one spelling it will be in parenthesis.

    • The names with the dot • are buried in our cemetery.

    Anderson, D. W.
    Allen, J. J.
    Asher, E.
    Ackley, Sam
    Anderson, R. Mrs.
    Alcorn, J. B.
    Agen (Ayen) J. T.
    •Arnold, J. D.
    Anderson, P.
    Anderson, E. C.
    Ashbaugh, J. W.

    Baird, A. E.
    Bunton (Burton), J. T.
    Brock, A. J.
    Brock, J. A.
    Brock, W. A. or M. A.
    Besse, Peter
    Brown, S. C.
    • Brooking, R. L.
    Buner, Jos
    Brown, Sam'l
    Brighton, J. N.
    Brown, W. P.
    Brown, J. P.
    Bagley, J. J.
    Barnard, W.
    Blackford, J. W.
    Bergner, A.
    Benson, Benj.
    Benson, H. C.
    Baird, A. N.
    Brock, J. N.
    Binkin (Birkin), N.
    Brock, F. N.
    Brown, T. J.
    • Bryant, D. L.
    Baker, R. T.
    Baird, W. T.
    • Burdick, H. H.
    Blackford, J. W.
    Brown, Allen
    Bagley, Eden
    Bowman, W.

    Campbell, J. N.
    Culver, Edwin or Edward N.
    Coleman, F. W.
    Cottingham, W. V.
    Clentz (Clemtz), J. B.
    Chistenson (Chisterson), A.
    Clawson, J.
    Case, T. P.
    Cooper, W. A.
    Campbell, W. P.
    • Carson, Wm.
    Contes, Sam
    Clark, J. M.
    • Cox, W. H.
    Cottingham, J. W. & Co.
    Clawson, J.
    •Clark, Sam'l
    Cady, Eliza
    • Coy, U
    • Cole, J. E.
    Clifford, A. P.

    Dant (Dart), D. W.
    Daty, Sam'l
    • Davis, L. W.
    Davis, S. B.
    Dodge, J. J.
    Datson, B
    Day, W.
    Dun (Durr), Oswald & Co.
    Davis, John G.
    Dill, Thomas
    Daugherty, J. W.
    Davidson, James

    Evans, Jesse
    Easly (Early), J. F.
    Enfer (Erber), Sam'l
    Elliott, G. W.
    Ellis, Dan'l

    Freeman, G. L. (G. C. or G. I.)
    Flick, Geo. W.
    Field, Jacob
    Flick, A. J.
    Freeman, N.
    Freeman, J. W.
    Frizell, T. A.
    Ford, John
    Friend, G.

    Gipson, W. A.
    Garrett, J.
    Gillespie, Henry
    Grounds, J.
    Grounds, Nancy
    Gable, Henry
    • Gregory, J.

    Hatcher, L. T.
    Henry, Wm.
    Harsh (Harah)O, T.
    Huston, S. S.
    Heyde, E.
    Hough, W. P.
    Hull, Wm.
    Halley, Benj.
    Hatchip, B.
    Hatcher, B. W.
    Henton (Horton), E. N.
    Hiatt, J. R.
    Haywood (Hayward), W. I.
    • Hall, Isaac
    • Hall, W. W.
    Hawke, John
    Hayward, O. T.
    Hopple, W. G.
    • Hansford, J. W.
    Hendrickson, David
    Hawkins, W. C.
    Howard, Joseph

    Irby, L. H.
    Inch (Inoho), A. J. & Co.

    Jeter, John
    Jenkins, T. W.
    Jones, Lyons
    Jolly, H. H.
    Jeffries, Wm.
    Johnson, J. L.
    Jarvis, James
    Jones, L. H.

    •Kelly, A. C.
    Kale, G. L.
    Kelly, Jas M.
    Kelly, John P.
    Kelly, John
    Knapple, John
    Knapple, Sam
    Keiney, B. R.
    • Kelly, J. R. S. D.
    • Kolb, Peter
    • Kenaston, O. C.

    Lucus (Lucas), Isaac
    Lish, Hiram
    Lobaugh, Mary A.
    Lewis, A. T.
    • Littleton, J. R.
    Lollis, R.
    Ledman, A. M. or A. W.
    Lockerby, J. L.
    Lewington, F.
    Lippee, G.
    Lockerby, J. M.
    Lobaugh, J. S.

    Maxey, W. T.
    McKee, J. W.
    McDowell, M. J.
    Mason, A. M. & Co.
    Moody, K. M.
    Miller, C. S.
    McMurdo, Jas
    Metzler, Geo
    Mason, Perry
    McMurdo, John
    • McClintick, Sam
    Miller, H. W.
    • Miller, Wm.
    Mort (Mart) W. W.

    •Owen, W.
    O'Niel, Wm. W.
    Osborn (Osburn), Wm.
    Oswald, L.
    Oliver, Richard

    Pulver, G. C.
    Petherbridge, R. E.
    Pithman, R.
    Pound, W. T.
    •Pendarvis, H.
    Pitcher, Wm
    Pound, L. J.
    Peterson, J. S.
    Pounds, Alex
    Peak, Robt.

    •Quigg, A. R.

    Ray, James
    Russell, Preston
    Russell, Jas S.
    • Robbins, Wm.
    Reed, Thomas
    Rentfro, W. S.
    Rich, Alex
    Runge, H. G.
    Ramsey, N. L.
    • Reed, Geo.

    Stratton, J. T.
    Strange, V. B.
    Stephens, M. L.
    Stephens, E. L.
    Stephens, H. T.
    Srack, R. B.
    Scharnp (Schamp), B. F. & Co.
    Simmons, John
    Siria, Thomas
    Sherman, Geo. T.
    • Sherman, A. E. Mrs.
    Southard, W.
    Southard, D. W.
    Sutton, G. W.
    Seever, Elizabeth
    Seever, J. M.
    Smock, Chas
    Sherrill, W.
    Smith, J. R.
    Sears, Henry
    Skinner, M. W.
    Shersmith, J. C.
    Stevens, R. E.
    Shoemaker, Hiram
    • Stark, C. W.
    Sollane, J. F.

    Tamksley (Tanksley), J. E.
    Thompson, J. B.
    Thornburg, B. F.
    Tamksley (Tanksley), Wm.
    Tamksley (Tanksley), Thomas P.
    • Turner, Jacob
    Turner, James
    Turner, J. R.

    Vandever, C. F.
    Volkman, Gotfried
    Votaw, Elswood

    •White, T. J.
    Whites (Whiles), Johnson
    Weganett, E. E.
    Wardlow, Peter
    White, R. B.
    Williams, Jesse
    Willey, Henry
    Wood, J. S.
    Woodring, W. W.
    Wedle, Josiah
    Whelchel, W. D.
    Walker, E. T.
    White, James
    Wilkenson (Wilkerson), G. A.
    Wilkenson (Wilkerson), J. M.
    Willis, G. A.
    • Wright, M. D.
    Woodworth, C. N.
    Wesman, E. P.

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