Every thing you wanted to know about Dresden

By Joyce Muirhead Christensen


How did your community originate and developed?

The above question was an assignment Joyce Dee Muirhead was given when she was in school in 1939; probably she was in the fourth grade.

1.            How did Dresden get its name?   It seems to be a mystery to the early people of Dresden just where the name originated however it is supposed that it was named after Dresden, Germany since so many living here were Germans.

2.            Who was the first person to live in Dresden?  L. W. Brewer was the first person to live in Dresden, as he was the first Depot agent.

3.            Where was the first schoolhouse?  The first schoolhouse was built across the street west of Mrs. Leonard’s home.

4.            Who was Dresden’s first schoolteacher?  Dresden’s first schoolteacher was Mr. Bock and later Mr. Walkey’s grandfather.

5.            Where and what was the first building in Dresden?  The first building in Dresden was the depot.

6.            When were electric lights put in Dresden?  Electric lights were put in Dresden in 1923.

7.            When were sidewalks put in Dresden?  Sidewalks were put in Dresden in 1922.

8.            Who was the first child born in Dresden?  The first child born in Dresden was Lesle Bacon.

9.            Who was Dresden’s first doctor?  Dr Brewers was Dresden’s doctor.

10.       What was Dresden’s first church?  The Methodist Church was Dresden’s first church.

11.       Who was Dresden’s first preacher?  Mr. Muxlow was Dresden’s first minister; He lived at Jackson and came here every other Sunday.

12.       Who had the first store in Dresden?  The first store was built and run by Tip Bacon’s brother.  It was just north of the Dupree store.

13.       Where was the first post office?  The first post office was in an old sod house on the Bacon farm where Hutchins’ live now.

14.       Who was the first postmaster?  Mrs. Bacon was really postmistress although many people say Tip Bacon was because he had all the work to do.

15.       Where was Dresden’s first bank?  The first bank was own by Douglas and stood where the Dupree hardware now is.  The front room of the building was used for the bank while the family lived upstairs.

16.       Where was the first hotel?  The first hotel was owned by Dolwell and had been moved here from Hastings, Nebraska.  It stood on the east side of the street where the filling station now stands.  It also contained a saloon.

17.       Who had the first Drug Store?  The first drug store was owned by Dr. Beiker.  He too had a saloon.  At one time there were three saloons in Dresden.

18.       Who owned the first car in Dresden?  The first car in Dresden was owned by Woodey or Vogel who owned the livery stable and run a stagecoach line.  It was steered by a lever.  The first person to ride in a car was Clsie Sadler who rode down town with a man who came from the East, so she could say she was the first person in Dresden to ride in a car.  The first Ford was owned by Jay Chapman who lived north of town.  It cost him $1,000.00.

19.       Whose body was the first to be buried in the Dresden Cemetery?  L.W. Brewer was the first body buried in the Cemetery.

20.       Who was the first family in Dresden?  Mr. and Mrs. Leonard move here in the spring of 1889 after the railroad had been built in September 1888.  They moved their hardware business here from Allison.  The building stood where the Schandler Mortuary now stands.

21.       Where was the first filling station?  The first gas pumps were where Spaun’s old drug store is and was owned by Spaun.

22.       Where was Dresden’s first garage? Dresden’s first garage was where the Bainter Garage now stands.

23.       Where was the first grain elevator?  L.W. Brewer had the first grain elevators where the east elevator now stands.

24.       When was Dresden the largest?  Dresden was the largest right after it was settled sometime around 1920.  It largest population was 303.

25.       When was the first school built?  The first school was built in 1889.

26.    Who was the first person to live in Dresden?  Mr. L. W. Brewer was the first person to live here and he was the depot agent.

The first man to see the plains of Kansas was Coronado.  Many early pioneers came from the states of Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.  The early pioneers traveled to Kansas in covered wagons.  The early trails were known as the Santa Fe and Oregon.  Many of the early settlers in Kansas lived in sod houses. 

The nearest river to our community is the Solomon.  The early pioneers of our community came in the year of 1888.  Many people came to Dresden and if it had grown bigger every day, we might have a big city.  Early settlers still living in our community are Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Taylor. There are three people left and they tell us all about Dresden.  Their names are Mrs. Leonard, Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Launchbaugh.  Mr. Launchbaugh came to tell us about early times.  It was the best I’ve ever heard.

Mr. Deu Pree is the mayor of Dresden,

 Dresden City Councilmen are:

            King Muirhead

Raymond Didlake

Flory Karls

Ben Bowman


Dresden Public Buildings

2 stores                                                


hardware store                                


2 banks

post office

2 filling stations

2 garages

telephone office

barber shop

blacksmith shop



3 elevators

2 churches


school house


            drug store

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