Early Businesses in Dresden

Dresden Newspapers

Dresden Star ----       Editor  L. W. Brewer. March 29 1890 – Dec. 27, 1890

Dresden Sunflower       Editor - W. C. Roughton. July 9, 1908 – March 1, 1914

Dresden Reporter – Editor – J. Bock … August 4, 1916 – November 3, 1916

Dresden Beacon –-      Editor – E.B. DeWolf September 17, 1931 – April 13, 1933


Businesses in Dresden 1890

General Merchandise ---            McGinley Brothers

Bank of Dresden ------            William Douglas, Cashier

Dresden Drug Store     ----       F. A. Douglas

General Merchandise ---        Jacob Schillot

Livery & Feed --------            Taylor Brothers

Dresden Hotel -------            Caldwell Prop.

Hotel   -------------       Yeakle on right side of street


Businesses in Dresden 1891

General Merchandise ---            McGinley Bros.

Dresden Hardware ----            Jim Leonard

Bank of Dresden ------            L. W. Brewer

Blacksmith ----------   M. Saler

Building Materials -----            L. W. Brewer

Livery Barn ---------            George Phillips

Drugs & Medicine -----            M.P. Caldwell

Dresden Hotel -------             M.P, Calwell

Drugs -------------       N. A. DeYoung

Doctor  ------------       H. Bieker.  Office 2 miles west & 2 south of Dresden

Meat Market --------            McIntyre

General Merchandise --          J. W. Tibbels

General Merchandise --            Tibbels & Reichert


Business in Dresden 1910 – 1914

First State Bank -------            Fred Bremer, President – Dave Muirhead Cashier

Snell, Mill & Grain -----            J. B. Schroer, Manager

City Dray Lin --------  M. J. Hoppas, Operator

Harness Shop -------            M.M. Miller  

Doctor            ------------            E. L. Davis, MD

Hardware ----------     J. K. McManis

Postmaster ---------   Jacob Bock

Commercial Hotel -----            E. C. Motzs,

Prop.Stockyards ---------            Metzler & Bainter Stock Buyers

Rock Island Depot Agt. -            G. C. Harper

Mark’s Lunch Room  ----            First door North of Barber Shop

Continental Creamer ---            John Vacek

General Merchandise ---        C. H. Yeakle

General Merchandise ---        P. W. Wernette

Doctor            -------------            F. R. Funk, MD – office over C.H. Yeakle Store

Barber Shop --------- L. T. Bryan

South Blacksmith Shop  -            J. W. Vogel   Prop.

O. K. Livery Barn ------            J. J. Morton

Dray Line -----------     B. H. Schroer; Fare to Oberlin $1.00 Round trip $1.50

Blacksmith Shop ------            F. J. Foster

Dresden State Bank     ----       W. M. Metzler, President – Ben Bowman, Cashier

General Store -------            Johnson & Law

Continental Cream Co. --            J. B. McKinney

Dresden Opera House

Sunnyside Market  -----            V. L. Pierce, Prop.  – Meats & Fish

Dray Line -----------     A. L. Elgin

Harness Shop --------            S. DeYoung

Grocery Store --------            H. H. Cramer – second door North of Hotel

The Home Cafι -------            H. T. Phillips

Dry goods ---------- Eakin Brothers


Businesses in Dresden 1916

The Nyles Store -------            C. S, Spaun

Dresden Machine Shop & Garage  ---- H. E. Parkhurst, Prop.

Foster Lumber Co. ----- Rozell Helmer

O.K. Auto Livery -------            R. Bresnahan

Commercial Hotel -----            J. W. Dawson, Prop.  ($1.50 per day)


Businesses in Dresden 1931

Robinson Elevator -----            Leo Bainter (Wheat $.29 per bushel)

Joe’s Service Station --- Joe M

Norris Barber Shop ----- Perry Norris (haircuts 25 cents)

Standard Oil            ---------            Leonard Spresser

Bainter Motor Co. ------            Dwight Bainter

Coal, Salt & Feed Store -            J. O. Brandenburg 

Radio Shop ---------  C. P.  Norris

Hardware Store -------            F. J. Foster

Dresden Furniture -----            J. S. Schandler

Mortuary ------------ J. S. Scandler

Barber Shop --------- Red Long

Dresden Cleaners -----            In Doyle Building

White Kitchen Cafι

Cameron Oil Co.     

Elevators – Norris, Schroer & Farmers

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