Pike Trail

The Pike Trail Marker is located on top of a tall hill, just west of Delphos. To find the marker, drive west from US-81 on Highway 41. Just keep driving west through Delphos, the road will turn to gravel. Continue west until the road forks and take the left fork. You will be able to see the small grove of evergreen trees on top of the hill before you get there.

Red Post Tours

With a red post at every turn the Red Post self-guided automotive tours allow the tourist to discover our picturesque scenery, unique landmarks and rural heritage.

Natural Prairie Tour

This tour visits NE Ottawa County and the communities of Wells, Vine Creek, and Lamar. Do buffaloes really weight 50 tons?

Bohemian Hills Tour

This tour visits NW Ottawa County including the towns of Delphos and Ada. Notable local and national historic points of interest.

Dakota Rock Tour

This tour visits SW Ottawa County passing through the communities of Tescott and Culver, and the geologic deposit of Rock City. How many wind mills are there?

Early History Tour

This tour visits SE Ottawa County including the communities of Bennington, Lindsey, Verdi, and Niles. Early history and antiques!

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