Did you ever wonder what happened to "Lincoln's Little Correspondent?" Grace Bedell was eleven when she wrote Abraham Lincoln, suggesting he grow a beard in order to improve his looks. The ladies would surly encourage their husbands to vote for him and he could become President. At the age of fourteen, she wrote President Lincoln to inquire about a job in his treasury department. Though her letters thrust this precocious young girl into the limelight, Grace's life was actually just beginning. At the tender age of seventeen, Grace married civil war veteran, George Newton Billings, and moved to Delphos, Kansas. Grace was thrust into a primitive, often wild, and completely male dominated land. She and George encountered floods, tornadoes, prairie fires, marauding Indians, drought, grasshopper plagues, and more. They entertained a few famous and many more not so famous friends in their home. Together, the couple became an integral part of our history, as they lived out their days in Delphos.