Wide view of Crystal Springs, KS.  Photo by Chuck and Jerri Rang

Crystal Springs,Kansas

    9 (in 1990)
  23 (in 2000)
Area Code: 620  
ZIP code: ???
Elevation: 1440 feet
Latitude: 37 ° 15' 43N
Longitude: 98 ° 8' 4W 
  Harper County
Harper County
Crystal Springs is located about 3 miles north of highway US-160 in Harper [HP] county between Attica and Harper. The part that remains lies strung out along the tracks. A rusting tin grain elevator marked "Attica Grain Co", an old brick building which used to be the bank, and a few houses are all that's left of the town. The bank building has been converted into a shop.
Interior of Mennonite Church. Photo by Chuck and Jerri Rang   Exterior of the Crystal Springs Mennonite Church  Photo by Chuck and Jerri Rang
Crystal Springs Mennonite Church

        Crystal Springs was once also known as Eula, after the first stationmaster's wife. The old train station now sits in that reconstructed Western cowtown site in Wichita; it's name escapes me now. It still has the Eula sign on it, I am told.
        Crystal Springs' name came from some long-dried water springs that made it a good watering stop for the railroad.
        The Crystal Springs Mennonite Church was an Amish Mennonite church from McPherson County, and it was disassembled and hauled south by the railroad, along with a number of families, in the first five years of the 1900's.
        Crystal has been slowly withering away since the 40's, though it was once a community of 500 or so souls.

Ed Robbins, former pastor
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