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Water Project Updates
Water Project Updates

*Update 10/06/00

The Water System bids were conditionally awarded on October 2, 2000 and are awaiting KDHE’s approval. The project is scheduled to begin in November, 2000 and completed by the end of November, 2001.

The City Staff and Contractor will be making every effort to communicate with the Citizens to keep them informed of the progress being made. Door hanger will be placed on each door notifying the property owner that construction is to begin optimally within a two week period. Given the magnitude of this project there may be times when it is possible to give only one week’s notice. The City apologizes in advance for the inconvenience that this may cause.

There are several things that property owners need to know and do before the project begins:

Work hours for the construction crews will be Monday through Friday with an occasional Saturday; 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. These hours are subject to change upon weather conditions.

Property owners are responsible for the cost of removing and replacing their sprinkler systems. If not removed the contractor will remove the system to the best of their ability and will provide the parts to the homeowners. Please remember that in the future should water line leaks occur and repairs have to be made, property owners will be asked to move their sprinkler systems.

If the contractor is unable to stay a safe distance from a tree that has been planted in or near the right-of-way, root damage may occur. If the tree dies within the first growing season after the project is completed, a tree of the same type having a caliper of two-inches in diameter will be replaced by City staff at the City’s expense. Please note that the tree will not be replanted in the right-of-way and an alternate location will have to be chosen.

Fences that are currently built in the right-of-way need to be removed before the construction crews enter the area. Homeowners were informed when building fences that if a fence is built over an easement the potential is there for the fence to be removed in order to do necessary construction or repairs. If fences are not removed by the property owner construction crews will remove and replace the fence to the best of their ability.

It is important to note that ornamental flowers and gardens will have to be removed from the right-of-way. The City nor the Contractor will be responsible for returning this area to its original design.

It is anticipated that property owners may be inconvenienced overnight during the project from parking their cars in the driveway. Crews may have to cut and leave driveways open with access provided the following day.

Upon completion of the project the property owners will be given six-months to disconnect their private wells from the house. Connecting to the system will be at the property owner’s expense. The entire house must be connected to the City water supply. Detached garages and outside faucets will not be required to connect to the water system.

The City will conduct an inspection to assure that the well has been disconnected. A back flow device is required for all connections. This prevents the potential for contamination of the entire water system. Plumbers need to be made aware that a back flow device is to be installed.

If property owner’s do not connect within the given time frame there will be a $500.00 connection fee to be paid at the time application for water service is completed.

A listing of licensed plumbers may be obtained through the Sedgwick County Code Enforcement office at 383-7951; Monday through Friday.



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