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City of Claflin


Adopted in January of 2002 to help promote building and construction within the City of Claflin, increasing the tax base and population within the city limits.

Eligibility requirements include "rehabilitation, alterations and additions" to residential and/or commercial structures including new construction.
The minimum investment of an improvement for residential property is $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 for commercial and industrial property, as documented by the building permit.

The minimum increase in assessed value of 5% for residential property and 10% for commercial and industrial property.

Eligible properties will receive rebates for 10 years.

The first 3 years there will be a 95% rebate, the second 3 years 85%, the next 2 years 75% and the last 2 years 25%.

Property taxes and utility payments must be current for rebates to be let.

Contact the city office for complete details and application forms.