City of Claflin
Council Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2012

Present The governing body of the City of Claflin met in regular session, Monday, June 11, 2012 at 7:30 PM in the city building.
Present were:     Mayor Michael Urban, Councilpersons Kirk Schneweis, Kelly Nixon, Dan Michaelis, Casey Hubbard and Leon Oberle.
Also present:    City Attorney Bob Suelter, City Clerk Patricia Schmidt, Richard Hayes and Robert Gunder.
Approve minutes. Schneweis moved, Oberle seconded, with all in favor, to approve the minutes of the May 10, 2012 and the May 14, 2012 meetings, as written.
Approval of agenda. Items pertaining to the Community Center and gym will be added to agenda item #8. Nixon moved to approve the agenda with these additions. Hubbard seconded with all in favor.
Payment of bills. Oberle moved to pay the June 2012 bills. Nixon seconded with all in favor.
Receive visitors. N/A
Dept. head reports. Hayes suggested the council develop a Capital Improvement Plan while doing the 2013 budget.
 Mosquito control was explained.
Appointments.     Mayor Urban made the following appointments:
City & Court Clerk  Patricia Schmidt
City Treasurer Robert Suelter
City Attorney Robert Suelter
Fire chief
Doug Hubbard
Police Chief  Robert Gunder
Municipal Judge Joel Jackson
Environment & Weed Officer  Darin Martin
Superintendent Water & Sewer Richard Hayes
Street Department Kelly Nixon
Sewer Department  Dan Michaelis
Water Department Kirk Schneweis
Park Department Leon Oberle
Police Department Casey Hubbard
Urban announced the First Kansas Bank as official depositor for the city and named the Hoisington Dispatch as the official newspaper.
He also asked Kirk Schneweis if he would remain the council president for another year.

Michaelis moved to approve the appointments, the official depositor, the official newspaper and Kirk Schneweis as the council president. Oberle seconded with all in favor.
215 4th Street property. A notice to appear has been served on the property owner and court is to be held on Thursday night.
304 Albro. The City Attorney will check if any unpaid taxes for the property at 304 Albro.
Ord 12-0514B. Hubbard moved to adopt Ord. 12-0514B, which changes certain periods of time to respond to certain notices from 15 to 10 days. Nixon seconded with all in favor.
55+ car scrap. Council consensus is not to repair the 55+ car, at this time.
119 Main. Michaelis moved to hire Schremmer Realty Auction and Appraisers LC to appraise the building at 119 Main Street.
Housing Complex. The mayor has been notified that there are problems with the management of the Housing Complex. The mayor and the city attorney plan to meet with housing board to try to work out the issues.
AED @ CC. The fire department has an extra defibrillator if the city wants to put it in the Community Center. The cost of a new battery is around $400. Nixon moved, Schneweis seconded with all in favor that the city pay for half of the battery and the Rec Center pays for the other half. It will be placed in the community center. When the Rec Center opens up, another defibrillator will be placed in the Rec Center with the city paying for half of the battery.

 By council consensus, the kitchen appliances in the old cafeteria will be sold by sealed bids.

 By council consensus, at the end of each school year, Toby Holmes, Kelly Nixon and Richard Hayes will inspect the gym floor in the old school bldg to decide if it needs to be redone when the High School gym is redone.

 By council consensus, a utility cart will be purchased to transport the cleaning supplies etc. at the Community Center.
Adjournment. Hubbard moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:12 PM. Oberle seconded with all in favor.

Recorded by Patricia Schmidt, city clerk
This summary of the minutes is subject for approval at the next council meeting.