City of Claflin, KS.
409 A Street Claflin, Kansas

Rental per day:
Room Capacity
Kitchen & small room
$75.00 w/$50.00 deposit
60 people
Kitchen, small room & large room
$175.00 w/$100.00 deposit
225 people
Kitchen, small room, large room & gym
$300.00 w/$150.00 deposit
575 people

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To decorate for weddings, etc, may go in the day before to decorate and must have the clean up finished by 12 noon the day after the event. 
Deposits are mandatory and will be refunded when the building is left clean and orderly.  Any and all damage costs will be borne by the renting party. 

For weddings, dances and larger parties, the renter must provide a Liability Insurance Certificate.
More than one function may be scheduled at the same time, please be respectful of other user groups.
Tobacco:  No tobacco products are permitted inside the building.

  • Keys:  Keys may be picked up at the City Hall, 111 E Hamilton.  Failure to pick up the keys could result in extra fees, if staff must be called out to open the building.

  •  Restroom:  Please check restrooms before leaving to be sure all stools have been flushed.
     Tables & Chairs: Please wipe down all tables and chairs and return to original spots.  Stack chairs on tables.  Please do not sit or stand on tables or drag them across the floors.
     Trash:  Please make sure all trash is sacked up and placed in the dumpster outside the city building.  The grounds around the building must be left in a clean and orderly condition.
     Floors:  Please sweep and mop all floors as needed.
     Cleaning supplies: Cleaning supplies are stored in the closet between the South bathrooms.

     Kitchen:  Cleaning of the kitchen will be subject to, but not limited to the following:

     Any equipment, decorations, food or other items brought in by the renter must be removed prior to the end of your rental period.  Any items left behind are subject to immediate disposal.
     All doors must be closed and properly locked when the event is complete.  All lights turned off.

    Name:    _____________________________________________________Phone #__________________

    Please mark rooms to reserve:
    _____  Kitchen & Small Room
    _____  Kitchen, Small Room, and Large Room
    _____  Kitchen, Small Room, Large Room & Gym
    ____________________________________________________________             _______________      KEY # ________
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