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The following DVDs of past FRAHS programs are available to check out through the Remington High School Library. Ask High School Librarian Pam Harber for help.
  • 4/1/2013 “The Old Time Radio Hour, Station SERF, Del Rio, Texas” Levi Goossen, Newton
  • 3/4/2013 “The Remington Singers” under the creative direction of Kathleen Poole, Director of Music, Remington High School, Whitewater
  • 2/4/2013 “Recalling the Seagoing Cowboys of 1945-1947” with a 20 minute DVD pre-view prepared by Peggy Miller, Seagoing Cowboy historian.  Three local seagoing cowboys then told stories of their trips; Edwin Andres, Elbing; Pete Z. Friesen, Newton; and Nick Toews, Whitewater
  • 2/4/2013 Interview of Nick Toews for “Seagoing Cowboys”
  • 11/5/2012 “The History of Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Oil Wells in Kansas” Dr. John Gries, Department Chair and Professor of Geology, Wichita State University
  • 10/2/2012 “Local Festivals in Small Towns” Marci Penner, Executive Director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, Inman, KS
  • 4/2/2012 “Family History: The South Wiebes with special emphasis on the Johannes and Justine Wiebe Family” Wilbert Wiebe, Whitewater
  • 3/5/2012 “The Susanna Heatwole Brunk Story – Escaping the Confederacy and Surviving the Kansas Prairie” John Sharp, Hesston College, Hesston.
  • 2/6/2012 “My Experiences in the Railroads” Elmo Murray, Elbing
  • 11/7/2011 “The Prairie Trails of Kansas” Brian Stucky, Goessel
  • 10/3/2011 “Home on the Range:Kansas Folklore” Dr. Jim Hoy, Emporia State University, a Kansas Humanities Council Speaker commemorating Kansas Sesquicentennial
  • 4/4/2011 “Some of my favorite finds through the years” Bruce Entz, Wichita
  • 3/7/2011 “Reviewing the Year Since We Felt the Earth Shake in Haiti” Doug Thiessen, Whitewater
  • 2/7/2011 “The Schmidt Family History” Clinton J. Schmidt, Whitewater
  • 11/1/2010 “Breakfast in China and Other Recollections from a Recent Summer Trip” Cynthia Rhodes, Whitewater
  • 10/4/2010 “Remington, the Artist” Bev & Jim Dunning, Sr., Wichita
  • 3/2/2009  “The History of the Local Fire Department”  Darryl Claassen, Whitewater
  • 2/2/2009  “Busenitz Genealogy” PowerPoint presentations by Velma Claassen, Whitewater.  Dialog for PPT on file.
  • 10/6/2008  “Self-guiding Tour Map for the Frederic Remington Area Historical Society” Theodore Regier, Elbing
  • 5/5/2008  Celebrated 30th Anniversary of the Frederic Remington Area Historical Society, Remington High School:   R. D. Allen, Potwin & Jerry Peterson, Wichita, speakers
  • 4/7/2008  “The Central Asia Trek”  Willard Wiebe, Whitewater and Carol Klingenberg, Peabody
  • 3/3/2008  “Bernard and Wilhelmina Warkentin”  Karen Penner, President of the Warkentin House Association, Newton
  • 2/4/2008  “Petals of the Sunflower”  The recreation of a West Prussian garden in northwest Butler County by his great-grandfather.  Melvin Epp, Ph.D., Whitewater
  • 6/2007 “Tour of Whitewater High School / Remington Middle School Before Demolition:  Demolished June 2007”
  • 2/5/2007  “Threshing Days”  discussion led by Arthur Busenitz, Whitewater
  • 11/6/2006  “Marion County Park and Lake”  Helen Beckham, Marion, KS
  • 10/2/2006  “Unveiling the Remington Rock” followed with  pot-luck dinner
  • 4/3/2006  Roger Ward, archaeologist from El Dorado will present his findings of the dig he supervised south of Potwin
  • 3/6/2006  “Gladys the Riveter” impersonated by Teresa Bachman, El Dorado
  • 2/6/2006 The Western, Greatest Western Trails, 1874-1886, book authored and discussed by Gary & Margaret Kraisinger, Halstead
  • 11/7/2005  “Life in the Dust Bowl”  Nolan Samp, Salina, impersonating Hank Emerson, a Dust Bowl farmer
  • 10/7/2005  “The Early days of Peabody”  Ross Baker and Joan Berns, Peabody
  • 4/4/2005  “Senior Trips”  Eldon Wohlgemuth & Kelso Boldecker, Whitewater and Alberta Harms & Richard Hopkins, Potwin
  • 3/7/2005  “The Klassen store and family in Elbing”  Pete Klassen, Whitewater
  • 2/7/2005  “Cattle  Drives”  Bob Baker, Herman Janzen, and Elvin Wiebe
  • 11/1/2004  “Review of Local Medical History”  Dr. Kenneth Wiebe, Whitewater
  • 10/4/2004  “Into a World Unknown:  Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery”  Philip Thomas, Wichita State University
  • 4/5/2004  “The Cherokee Trail”  Elwood King
  • 3/1/2004  “The Oil Valley Community and the Elbing Oil Field”  Ted Ferrier, Hattie Long, Lonnie Long, and Jessie Bay
  • 2/2/2004  “The Neiman Family History”  Marilyn Umbach, Whitewater
  • 10/6/2003  “People of the Plains”  Larry Hatteberg, KAKE TV, Wichita
  • 4/7/2003  “War Stories”  moderated by Gary Sommer with veterans of WW II
  • 3/3/2003  “To Keep or Toss”  Peggy Goertzen, Director of the History Dept, Tabor College, Hillsboro, KS.
  • 2/3/2003  “Marie Harder Epp Poetry”  Melvin Epp
  • 11/4/2002  “A Lifetime of Auctioneering”  Bernard Gatz, Halstead, KS
  • 4/1/2002  “The Vickers Family History”  Members of the Vickers family
  • 3/4/2002  “Cornelius and Anna Regier Family History” Milton Claassen & Karen Siebert, Newton
  • 2/4/2002  “The Amish in the Information Age”  Marion Bontrager, Hesston
  • 10/5/2001  “Alexander Hamilton, the Man”  Impersonated by Mel Kahn, WSU
  • 9/22/2001  “The Story of Brainerd, Kansas”  Kevin Roe, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 5/25&26/2001 “When Children Ask our Heritage of Faith, Emmaus Mennonite Church, May 25 & 26, 2001”
  • 5/25&26/2001 “The History of Emmaus Mennonite Church, 125 years of God’s Faithfulness” 2001
  • 4/2/2001  “The Life and Times of Johnny Reb and Billy Yank”  Brad Amend, El Dorado and several members of the Butler Co. Historical Museum Staff. (Civil War)
  • 3/5/2001  “Mennonite Furniture:  A migrant tradition 1766—1910”  Reinhild and John Janzen, Elbing
  • 11/6/2000  “A History of the Eberhard Family”  Nancy Phipps & Rollan Eberhard, Whitewater
  • 10/2/2000  “Charles Russell, the Artist”  Impersonation by Philip Thomas, WSU
  • 8/2/2000 Altman-Taylor Thresh machine from Kauffman Museum, North Newton to Wheat Heritage Engine and Threshing Co., Goessel Kansas, E.E. Esau, August 2, 2000
  • 4/10/2000  “The Battle of Mine Creek”  Dr. John Spencer, Mine Creek Battlefield Foundation, Ft. Scott, KS.
  • 2/7/2000  “The Osage Indians in Kansas”  Jerry Shaw, WSU
  • 11/1/99  “The History of Thanksgiving in Kansas”  Mike Kelly, WSU
  • 10/4/99  “The Story of the Vogelman Family”  Charles & Joan Barlett, Emporia
  • 4/5/99  “Walking the Appalachian Trail”  Tom  Jackson, Chicago, Illinois
  • 3/2/99  “The Story of the Whitewater Falls Stock Farm”  Jim & Dot Osburn, Towanda
  • 2/1/99  “The Story of the David Lambert Family”  Robert & Lois Kreider, North Newton
  • 11/2/98  “The History  and Story of Circle “E” Feedlot”  Jerry Peterson, Manager
  • 10/6/98  “New Light on the Coronado Expedition”  Don Blaksely, Ph.D.,  WSU
  • 5/4/98  “Visit Melvin Epp’s Farm, Whitewater—Changing trends in Kansas agriculture.”
  • 3/2/98  “King & Chase Family History”  Elwood King, El Dorado
  • 2/2/98  “History of Plum Grove” Kim Claassen
  • 11/3/97  “Susan B. Allen Family of El Dorado”  David Shaw, El Dorado, KS
  • 10/6/97  “Genealogical Mysteries”  Charles Heilmann, El Dorado
  • 3/3/97  “History of the Whitewater Fire Department, Rollan Eberhard, Whitewater
  • 2/3/97  “Fred Hill, the Entrepreneur of the 40s”  Arthur Neuman, Olin Claassen, and others
  • 11/4/96  “Patented Medicine Tins”  Ron & Emma Stewart, Newton
  • 5/6/96  “The Abraham Regier Family History”  Theodore J. Regier, Jr., Elbing
  • 4/1/96  “The German Heritage of Kansas”  William D. Keel, Lawrence, KS
  • 3/4/96  “Antique Items” & covered Dish Dinner
  • 2/5/96  “Hats:  Yesterday’s Head Coverings”  Zola Esau, Betty Baker, Sharon Regier, & Agnes Harder
  • 11/6/95  “Butler County Road Names”  Randy Epperson, Butler County Zoning Commission
  • 3/6/95  “Orphan Trains in Kansas” Marilyn Holt, Abilene
  • 2/6/95  “The History of the Hammer” Darryl Claassen
  • 2/7/94  “Why Come to Kansas”  Kurt Harder, Hesston
  • 4/6/87 “Oral History:  Paulson and Joseph Families; Adams Family History, April 6, 1987.”  (Early pioneers of Remington Area, Part I, Paulson & Joseph)

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