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The oldest rocks in Kansas can be found right here in Blue Rapids.  One distinct kind, Sioux Quartzite, was originally deposited as sand in riverbeds, buried, and – still later, deep underground – made extremely hard by heat and pressure.  The quartzite formed over 1.5 billion years ago.


Glaciers picked up pieces of these rocks from southwestern Minnesota, at the edge of the extremely ancient Canadian Shield, and brought them nearly 300 miles to northeastern Kansas.


Dedication Date:  May 19, 2012


“Thank You” to our very special friends who made the project possible:

·         Design:  Michael Converse, Emily Hecomovich, George Callison

·         Logo:  Dava Romaniello

·         Illustration Art:  Pat Ortega

·         Scientific Content:  Kansas Geological Survey

·         Sound:  John Meredith and Mollusk Studio

·         Narrator:  Lesley Moss Meredith

·         Marketing:  Jay Moss, Patricia Osborne

·         Project Review:  Brad Keller

·         Engineering:  Steve Cohorst

·         Logistics:  Phillip Osborne, Lyle Walters

·         Quartzite Boulders:  “Joe” Warders

·         Construction:  Michael Bailey

·         Electrical:  Wayne Mitchell

·         On-Site Representative:  Phillip Osborne

·         Money Managing:  The State Bank of Blue Rapids, the Blue Rapids Historical Society, Lyle Brooks, Patricia Osborne


Very Special Donors ($500+)

·         Larry Parsons

·         Lee Borck

·         Mike Brown

·         Bob and Jan Schwartz

·         Greg Mather

·         George Callison