Bern, KS
                                                                Downtown Memorial Day Parade

Special Events

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Special Events

Bern, KS


The Bern Community Theater Presented:

   Mandate for Murder-taking a stab at politics. 

Showed: October 8th and 9th

Fourth of July Celebration

One of the biggest and best fireworks displays in the area. BBQ Pork Supper, Pie and Ice Cream Face Painting and Games for all ages. 
Sponsored by the Bern Ball Club 
Fireworks sponsored by Bern Businesses

Bern Community Library Events

Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading Program is a program offered by the Bern Community Library. It is held during the month of June.  

Children preschool age through 6th grade can come and enjoy guest speakers and entertainers, stories, crafts, games and more.

 Each child will make a goal for themselves in the beginning, on how many books the think they will be able to read during the program. Those who reach their goals will be given a certificate and will also be honored by having their names be the first name in a new library book. 

Our goal is to encourage children to read, and to teach them that there is so much that they can learn by reading. Not to mention how much fun it really is. 

Children Practice Reading is offered during the month of July.  This program offers children a chance to read to an adult for 15 minutes as arranged with Library Director.
  Children kindergarten through 3rd grade may sign up for this program.
CPR can help children maintain valuable reading skills during the vacation period.

Summer Picnic In The Park

Every year the Lortscher Agri Service has a customer appreciation picnic. The picnic is usually held at the Bern City park on the third Saturday in June. It is a time for customers and local residents to come and have fun. There is nothing better than a gathering of towns-people and a whole lot of food and fun to go with it. 

Some events that usually occur during the picnic in the park are:

  • BBQ burgers and brats along with potato salad, cole- slaw, drinks and more
  • Lots of laughs and fun
Sponsored by LASI.
City Clerk
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July 30,2007
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