Verdi  was  platted  September  2,  1884  by  Mr.  Grandar.  He  started  the plat  two  and  one-half  miles  north  of  the  Saline  County  line and  seven miles  west  of  the  Dickinson County  line.  A new  railroad was  just  north of  Coal  Creek.  The  post  office was  changed  from  Georgetown  to Verdi  on January 16, 1885, with C.H. Shultice as postmaster.
The  first  bridge  south  of  Verdi was made out of barrels,  laid right on  the  water,  held  together  with  two  cables,  one  on  each  side,  then  a floor was laid on the barrels.                      (Ottawa County Museum Files)