The United Church of Bennington

1963--Olin Belt comes to serve the United Methodist Church

1966--The United Presbyterian pulpit is vacant and Olin Belt agrees to fill both the UMC and UPC pulpits. This was called a "yoke parish".  Four members from each church served as an advisory board to  the Session and the Administrative Board.

1969--A meeting was held to vote on using the UPC building and the UMC name.  This was defeated by a close vote.

1970--A vote to continue as a Yoke Parish for five more years was carried.

1971--Olin Belt leaves Bennington and Harold Wise becomes Pastor.

1972--The 100th anniversary of The UMC

1974--The 100th anniversary of The UPC. Harold Wise leaves and Sam Leonard is our new Pastor. Under his leadership the Yoke Parish becomes The United Church of Bennington on July 5, 1975.

1976--Sam Leonard left the UCB to be Chaplin at Kansas Wesleyan and Rick Frisbie is the new Pastor. Membership is now 224.

1978--Rick Frisbie moved to Salina and is replaced by Robert Barrick
The  UMC building is sold to the Senior Citizens

1980--Robert Barrick moves and Robert Frasier becomes the new Pastor.

1985--Robert Frasier accepts a call from the First Presbyterian Church in Abilene.
Ron Robins is the fifth Pastor to serve the UCB.
Ron and Carol are married in April of 1987. The UCB was with out a full  time Pastor until Thea Dvorak  came to Bennington in July, 1995.  Thea left the UCB in March of 1997.

1997--Manilla Owen began her ministry June 1, 1997

2001--Rev. Owen moves to Western Kansas and Rev. Dana Wood is appointed Temporary Supply by the Presbtery of Northern Kansas .

2004--Rev Warren Cico is appointed pastor of The United Church. See
the church web site for more on Pastor Cico