POOL CLOSING FOR THE SEASON Bennington Swimming Pool will close at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, August 16 for the 2011 season.

ANIMAL TAGS Did you receive a postcard or letter regarding your failure to purchase tags for your dog or cat? If so, the City Office will be open until 8:00 pm Monday August 15, Tuesday August 16, Thursday August 18, Friday August 19 and from 7 pm to 8:00 pm on Wednesday August 17 for those of you that are unable to make in during regular business hours. If you have recently moved to Bennington and have a dog or cat or recently acquired a dog or cat, please contact the City Office to purchase your tag(s). You have 30 days after bringing the dog or cat to town to purchase the tag(s) without penalty. As soon as you acquire a puppy or kitten provide the City Office with the information about your pet. We would rather return your pet home than take it to the pound, but if we don't know the owner and you don't call to let us know it is missing, we have to take it to the Ottawa County Pound or Salina County Animal Shelter (if we think it could be adopted out). The best way to guarantee a safe return of your pet is to make sure they have a collar with current rabies information and your name & phone number on it as well. If you are watching a pet for a friend or relative please call the city office with information on the pet. If you will have the animal less than 30 days you do not have to purchase a tag, but if the animal will be in Bennington longer than 30 days a tag is needed. When you acquire a dog or cat, please get a collar or tag with the pet's name and your name and phone number. This information, in addition to the city tag helps us get your pet returned home.

RECYCLING CENTER & PROGRAM Darrel Yost, head volunteer for our Bennington Recycling Center & Program, retired effective Friday July 29. His wife Patty also retired as a volunteer. At the time being, there is no set time that anyone is at the recycling building. Please leave your recyclables in the trailer (making sure you put items in the proper bins). A public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23 at 7:00 pm in the City Office Meeting room. If this program is important to you, please plan to attend. Your input is vital to the program.

COUNCIL MEETINGS HAVE CHANGED Council meetings are now scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Monday each month at 7:00 pm. These are open meetings and the public is welcome at any meeting. If you have a concern and would like to address the council, please contact the city clerk to have your name placed on the agenda.

NEW UTILITY BILLING SOFTWARE We switched utility billing software in July. Your utility billing account number changed due to cleaning up the names from the old system. Those of you that do on-line banking, please change your account number when you input the payment in August. The bill you received the end of July was out of the new software. We had problems with the billing cards. It was probably a combination of printer, toner, cardstock and postal processing machinery that made some of the bills very difficult to read. We appreciate the offers from several of you of paying more on your bill for ink. We are working on a solution to the problem.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL Bennington Senior Center is hosting their annual Ice Cream Social fundraiser on Sunday August 21 from 1-7:00 pm. Donations received help keep the center open.

OFFICE CLOSED The City Office will be closed until 1:00 pm on Wednesday August 17, until noon on Tuesday August 23 and closed all day on Friday August 26. Messages on the recorder and items placed in the drop slot will be processed

BENNINGTON RECREATION COMMISSION The next meeting of the Bennington Recreation Commission will be at 7:00 pm in the City Office on Wednesday, September 14. The commission in need of one person to fill a vacancy. They would also appreciate your input as to programs, activities, etc that you would like to suggest and possibly help with. Please e-mail your input to

SCHOOL STARTING Bennington School resume for the 2011-2012 school year on Wednesday August 17. Please remember to slow down in the school zones and be sure to watch for children walking or riding their bikes to and from school.

VANDALISM Have you had your vehicle broken into recently? If so, have you called the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department to information them of the break in? It is very important for all citizens to contact the Sheriff's Department to report incidents of vandalism and theft.

STREET WORK The City has begun cutting the grass back at the edges of North Struble Street in preparation for chip sealing. Hi-Plains Sand is scheduled to chip seal North Struble Street and asphalt the 500 & 600 blocks of North Nelson Street in September. The City is also working on the east ditch in the 100 block of South Struble Street to improve drainage. incidents of vandalism and theft.

GRASS & WEEDS The City's grass & weed ordinance allows for a maximum height of 8 inches. The City will only send one notice this mowing season if your lawn is too tall. After that when the lawn is too tall the City will mow it, without notice, and you will be responsible for the charges.

BUILDING PERMITS Building permits are needed for most projects. Contact Zoning Administrator Phil Windhorst (785 488-2188) to discuss your project. Building Permit applications may be picked up at the City Office. The council has approved charging a $25.00 deposit for a building permit in addition to the cost of the building permit. The deposit will be refunded if the project is completed within a year from the date of the permit and was built according to the description given on the application.

PLEASE POST IN A CONVENIENT LOCATION TO HAVE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Mayor & Council: Mayor Marc Oldham (488-3585) Rob Boss (488-6735) Penny Day (488-3841) Ronda Howard (488-3680) Ward Stockamp (819-3963) Lori Wilson (452-5631) City Office (488-3767) please leave a message if no answer. If you get the recorder right away it means the phone is in use. City Shop (488-3741) please leave a message if no answer. If you have an emergency, call 911, otherwise use the numbers below for the Ambulance Service or Fire District. Bennington Ambulance Service administrative phone number (488-3768) please leave a message if no answer. Ottawa County Fire District #4 administrative phone number (488-3827) please leave a message if no answer. **********

Show of hands please. If you read the flyer and find the information worthwhile, please fill out this small form and return it to the city office or call and leave a message on the recorder. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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