The  George  Harris  family  came  to  Kansas  in  1855  and  homesteaded South of  Junction  City.  Kansas   In  1866  a caravan of  fifteen  covered wagons  left  Illinois  to  join  the  Harris  family  in  this  promising  land. Some  became  discouraged  and  turned  back,  some  went  other  places   but seven families  came  on  to  homestead  on what  later  became Niles   In this group  were  the  families  of  Thomas  and  Nancy  Harris  Ingram.  Thomas  and Elizabeth  Casebeer   George  and  Jane  Romick ,  Hackers,  Hamtons,   Boyers , Neals   and Straights.  The Hugh  Robinson Little's  settled west  of Niles in 1859 .  He wanted timberland.  His  claim was just west  of Niles  on   the  east  side of the Solomon River  He then went back east to where his  folks  had refused to go any further west, and brought them back with him.  Elizabeth Little is believed to  be the first child born in Ottawa County in a log house
Back in the land in the bend of the river west of the blacksmith
shop Hugh had a ferry he built in  1859, on the south or east side of
the river. It was tied up to the south side.  Hugh would  release it; and
the water would swing it around to the north bank. Then Hugh would pull it back by ropes.
   First  they  had  to  dismantle  the  wagons,  then  later