The bill creating Ottawa County was signed by the Governor of Kansas Feb. 27, 1860 and appointed the first County Commissioners R.C. Whitney, Henry Martin and Mr. Branch. However the County was not formally organized until 1866.

Ayersburg was designated as the tempory county seat, however on May 21, 1870, an election of the local settlers on the river was held and a permanent county seat was established at Minneapolis. The vote was 146 for Minneapolis and 139 for Lindsry. The small majority for Minneapolis was attributed to "Pipe Creek vote".

Ayersburg, originally designated by the governor as the county seat of Ottawa County, was a cabin in the fringe of timber on the banks of Lindsey Creek. A post office was established at Ayersburg on July 16, 1864 with John Boblett as first postmaster. He was succeeded by Seymour Ayer, the only burger of Ayersburg on Sept. 12, 1865 The Ayers family later moved up to Pipe Creek

A post office was established at Lindsey on July 7, 1868 with Henry McKee as first postmaster. This appointment followed discontinuation of the office at Ayersburg cabin, little more than a quarter of a mile away. The new community grew up about the Lindsey house, as first advertized as a stage hostelry at the intersection of two roiads. this place was conducted by Francis W. Best, and in later years by his widow Mrs O. B. Potter. It had commodious livery barns across the road (Main Street) and was a relay and stopping place on the stage run from Solomon to Beloit.

Much more on the history of Lindsey can be found at the Ottawa County Museum