By Memorial Day, 2009 there were 247 veterans buried in the Bennington Cemetery. Each of these graves is marked with a bronze marker and on Memorial Day a flag is place in the marker

In 1995 the widow of one of the deceased veterans gave enough money to buy 10 flag poles to start an "avenue of flags". By Memorial Day we had received enough donations of money and flags to complete one avenue. By the next year we were able to complete another avenue plus 2 flags at each narrow drive and 2 at the mausoleum. Many of the flags were casket flags given by the families of veterans and the rest were given as memorials to other veterans buried here.

The flags are flown on Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4 and Veterans Day.

A list of the donors is displayed on a bulletin board in the cemetery. A list of all veterans is also displayed here.

You will find the list of veterans here.