Georgetown  post  office was  moved  from Coal  Creek  in  1879 
with  John J.  Jenness  as  postmaster.  There  was  a  well,  blacksmith 
shop  and  stores owned  by  George  Little,  George  Carhaugh  and  Charles  Bells
on  the north side  of  the  tracks.  George  Carbaugh's  elevator  was  on 
the  south  side of  the  tracks.  They  loaded  railroad  cars  by  putting 
grain  in  tubs  and using  horse and pulley  to  pull  it  up  into  cars.  Mr. 
Grandar managed to get  the  post  office  away  from  Georgetown,  so  George 
Carbaugh,  who had started the town and named it after himself, moved his elevator
and started the  town  of  Niles  in  1885.  Some  of  Henry Little's 
relatives  helped load it on a train flatcar to move it to Niles.         (Ottawa County
Museum Files)