(100% Volunteer)

Providing high-quality emergency medical service to the Bennington
community since 1975

Began with a fire department van that had a used cot and home-made cabinets
put inside and a red light put on the top.
In 1979, the Bennington community raised nearly $30,000 for the purchase of
a new ambulance; still in use in 2002.

Emergency medical service is provided to 1750 residents of the City of
Bennington and the surrounding rural area. That includes a total of 196
square miles. The following townships are included: all of Bennington,
Buckeye, Richland, Lincoln and Ottawa Townships, about half of Concord
Township and four sections in Culver Township.
The area extends from the Saline County Line north 12 miles to Limestone
Road (at the widest) and from the Dickinson County Line west 19 miles to
110th Road (at the widest point).


For help in any emergency, please call 911. Your call will go into the
dispatch center in the Sheriff’s Office in Minneapolis. With the ‘enhanced’
911 system, the equipment will display your name, address and phone
number, even before you say a word. EMS attendants are notified on the ‘fire
line’ as well as by portable radio. Mutual aid agreements are in place with
the Minneapolis Ambulance Service and with Salina Fire/EMS, which means
that assistance will be provided upon request.


The Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services regulates all units and
agencies that provide EMS transportation in Kansas. The same regulations
apply to all ambulances services in Kansas regardless of whether they are
volunteer or full-time paid staff. All ambulances are inspected, as well as the
equipment they carry. Protocols, procedures and documentation have
become increasingly scrutinized lately.

EMS attendants complete extensive initial training and must pass State and
National examinations before they are certified. They must also complete
continuing education to renew their certification. The continuing education
is provided by three local Training Officers. Dr. Woodall also helps with the
training as well as approving protocols and procedures.


Currently we have two fully equipped vehicles for use;
a 2000 Ford modular and a 2003 Ford Medtec



Bennington Ambulance Service has always had a high degree of public
support. Donations and memorials have been a big part of the financial
support for many years. Donations and memorials are supplemented by
reimbursement of claims submitted to insurance and medicare.

However, the greatest amount of funds today comes from the mill levy that
was begun in 1995 by the Ottawa County Commissioners. The property tax
levy is currently at about 1.75 mills. This dependable source of revenue has
allowed the new garage to be built and a new ambulance to be bought without
resorting to fund-raising.
In 2003 a new Ford Medtec ambulance was added to the EMS.


Current attendants Starting year
Jim McClain 1975
Judy Swagerty 1981
Saundra Long 1986
Bob N. Boss 1994
Twila Modrell 1995
Janet Beemer 1996
Kathy Everhart 2001
Mindy Lovendahl 2001
Jason Lovendahl 2002
Ruth Coleman 2003
Tony Gellinger 2003
Tony Swetson 2003
Joyce Webb 2005
Chris Bell 2005
Brandon Cochran 2005
Tom Ehlers 2006
Robert Hagmeier 2006
Kimmie Summers 2006
Previous attendants Starting year
Ray Boster 1975
Dale Tasker 1975
Kent Boster 1978
Jerry Spears 1980
Elvin Boss 1980
Bill Stenfors 1980
Anita Breeden 1981
Sue Cavender 1981
Carol Powell 1981
Linda Garst 1986
Lezlie Hensley 1986
Sara Rupp 1986
Nancie Brummer 1989
Kim Zeigler 1989
Devin Francis 1991
Tim Bulleigh 1994
Kelly Cochran 1994
Lisa Weis 1994
Dennis Saenger 1995
Jerry Preston 1997
Mark Ingelin 1999
Paula Serrien 1999
Kent Zeigler 1999
Vanessa Everhart 2001





June, 2004



Members and when they began service for the
Bennington Fire Department



Chief Mark Whitesell - June 1981
Chris Bell - November 2003
Robert N. Boss - March 1989
Dave Carson - April 1988
John Carson - September 2000
Brandon Cochran - April 1994
Art Cooper - January 1987
Brian Davidson - October 1998
Dennis Frain - May 2006
Randy Gruber - August 1990
Steve Haley - January 1982
Kent Harder - March 1999
Leonard (Bud) Howard - March 1992
Ronda Howard - January 1992
Dennis Kelley
Craig Koster-November 2005
Sam Laffere - October 1999
Jon Lawrence - March 2006
Bill Luthi - July 2000
Frank McCready - January 1960
Pat Ochs - April 1994
Melvin Reed - May 1959
Chris Rios - August 2006
Daren Sanders - February 2000
Jack Stenfors - June 1976
Doug Swanson - October 1998
David Swetson - July 2006
Tony Swetson - January 2003
Lyle Tinkler - August 1990
Allen Vignery - April 1994
Larry Weis - March 2006
Gene Whitley - January 1998
Leo Whitley - January 1998
LeRoy Windhorst - January 1998
Phil Windhorst - October 1998
Caleb Wood - June 2006