A very good web site about Delphos can be found at www.geocities.com/Clay_Hogg/DelphosKS1.html
Clay Hogg lived at Delphos in his early years and has a vast knowledge of the area.  You will find this site very interesting.

History of Delphos - 1869-1879

In the  year  of  1869,  W. A.  Kiser,  the  father  of  Delphos,
visited this county and purchased the land that Delphos now stands on
and a large tract adjoining it, with a view to the laying out of a town. In
the spring of  1870,  he  located  here  and  erected  the  first  dwelling.
The  following summer,  he  and  Mr.  Spear  surveyed  the town  site and  a
public park,  16 rods square.  Before the town was finished being laid out,
Simpson, Seymour,and  Easley built a hotel,  and in 1870 Daniel Yockey, Jr.  opened a grocery store and shortly sold out.
  About  1865,  before Ottawa County  was  organized,  the Yockey
brothers,Levi  and  Dan,  with  their  families,  moved  here  from 
Delphos,  Ohio.  Levi settled on  the creek that  bears  his  name,  and his  brother 
settled about 1 half mile north.  Other families  joined  them  shortly.  The
Hendershots, Smiths,  and Kellers moved near  them.  Their  first winters  were warm and pleasant   buffalo  roamed  in  the  hills  west  of  town,  and  antelope  played In  what  is  now  the  park.  Indian  troubles developed 
in  1868  and  1869.

In probably  the year  1868  Levi  Yockey was  appointed 
Postmaster when the  mail  arrived  once  a  week,  on  horseback.  He  held  the office  until1870 .   In  1871 mail  was  received  from one  to
 three  times 
a week,  and by1879,  there  was  mail  daily  from  the  east  and west.  Two  lines  of  stage coaches served the area.

  In  1871  the  people  of  Delphos  and  vicinity  were  greatly 
excited over  the  prospects  of  a  railroad  up  the  Valley.  They 
spent  much  time

Delphos continued