Coal Creek

  Coal  Creek  Crossing,  formerly  Hard  Crossing,  was  about  one  or  one and  one-half miles  north  of  Verdi.  On May 4,  1964,  a man at  Niles said you could  still see the old trail that goes across the crossing,  where the old dugout school was located.   The  first  school  was  a dugout  on  land  hornesteaded by Josiah Hooker.

The Coal  Creek  Post  Office was established October 3, 1866 about  one and one-half  miles  north of  Verdi,  on  the west side of the creek,  with James L. Ingersoll as Postmaster.  John J. Little was married in the post office.

In 1879 it was changed to Georgetown (Ottawa County Museum Files)