Bennington Bible Church
In 1969 a group of about 40 people who were attending the Bennington Methodist and Presbyterian Churches began attending home Bible Studies lead by the Community Bible Church of Minneapolis. These 40 people left the local churches and began attending churches in Salina and Minneapolis.
After about 12 years they felt the need to start their own church in Bennington. The first service was held the first Sunday of May in 1981 in the basement of Dale and Linda Garst. In January of 1982 they moved into the downtown building that had been a pool hall for many years.
Pastor Dave Bohyer was the first part time pastor and later Tim Yazel joined the work at Minneapolis and shared the work at the Bennington Bible Church.
The first full time pastor was Tony Carr from August of 1985 till February of 1988 at which time Jerry Luthi served thru the spring and summer. In September 0f 1988, Bill and Peggy Springborg came to Bennington and stayed untill 1997. Since then Chris Mayeaux has been the pastor.
At the present time there are 75 to 80 members .

The new building was dedicated in 2001.

Updated March 6, 2004

Chris and Angie left in 2001 and Todd and Denise Burrow and family have been with us since that time.

Attendance is now about 225 each Sunday