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The City of Belleville has a City Council, Mayor, and City Manager form of government. The community is divided into three Wards in which two council members are chosen for two year alternating terms.  The Mayor is chosen at large from the community for a two-year term and presides at the council meeting.  The city manager is hired to oversee the operations of the city and serves the citizens and council members.

We invite everyone to attend our council meetings which are held the 2nd Monday of each month at the City Hall, 1819 "L" Street, at 7:00 PM.; our "Council Agenda" is online.


City Council

Mayor - Roger McCartney
First Ward - Don Danielson
Randy Hansen
Second Ward - Keith Sells
Steve Scofield
Third Ward - Catherine Derowitsch
Blaine Miller


City Offices

City Hall - 785-527-2288 / 1819 L Street
     City Manager: Robert Knudson
     City Clerk: Russ Piroutek
City Attorney - 785-527-2288 / 1819 L Street
       Douglas Simms
Fire Department - 785-527-5655 / Courthouse Square
      Fire Chief: Duffy Strnad
      Assistant Fire Chief: Don Parde
Fire Station - 785-527-2139 / 1705 M Street
Houses City of Belleville & Republic County   Fire Equipment
Gas Service - 785-527-5663 / 1204 E. Ninth Street
      Gas Department Supervisor: Rick Tuma
Housing Authority - 785-527-5730 / 1815 24th Street
Public Library - 785-527-5305 / 1327 19th Street
Light Department - 785-527-5880 / 1204 Ninth Street
      Light Department Supervisor: David Svoboda
Municipal Airport - 785-527-2288
Police Station - 785-527-5655 / 1819 L Street
Chief of Police: Gary Frint
Power Plant - 785-527-2141 / 810 M Street
      Power Plant Supervisor: Mitch Young
Street Department - 785-527-2858 / 1204 Ninth Street
      Street Department Supervisor: Larry Ray
Tourist Information Center - 785-527-2883 / 702 12th Street
Water Department - 785-527-2129 / 1204 Ninth Street
       Water Department Supervisor: Rick Tuma

Standing Committees in the City of Belleville

Planning Commission
Housing Authority
Youth Recreation   Board of Appeals
Tree Board   Library Board

Convention & Tourism 

Belleville Chamber of Commerce
1205 18th Street, PO Box 280 - Belleville, KS 66935
 Phone: 785- 527-5524

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