Ness County Arnold, Kansas

Huxman & Dubbs

Lumber yard - Arnold, KSJulius Huxman, a stockholder in the first lumber yard established in Arnold, became manager of the facility in 1915, and in a short time bought the yard, handling lumber, McCormick-Deering implements, grain and coal. This business was advertised on a 1930 calendar as "Julius Huxman - Lumber, Grain & Coal". Records show that in 1920, Will Giess was his right hand man in the business. Mr. Giess later managed the facility and held this position until his death in 1939. later, Albert Dubbs and Julius Huxman became partners in the operation and the name was changed to Huxman & Dubbs. As the years passed, shares were eventually either handed down to the next generation or sold. After the death of Julius Huxman, each of his ten children were share owners.

Information supplied by Kermit Huxman

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