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  .....The first white man to live in the area was Ame Cole who spent a 1859 winter in a camp southeast of the present Almena. Later he homesteaded east along the Prairie Dog Creek. He became a good friend of Buffalo Bill Cody, a well- known buffalo hunter. The homesteaders came in 1872 and started a little town in the low land south of the creek, but when the railroad (north) was built, the land company offered free lots to any business who would move. The blacksmith shop, a store, and a boarding house were the first to move to the present site of of the new town. They built a jail (1920's) to deal with offenders of the law. The jail has been restored and has a law officer and an inmate on display.

.....Come and enjoy our Bantam Park with playground, restroom, and jail.

.....The name may have been given by an early settler who was homesick for her home town of Almena, Michigan.

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March 28, 2002 / Clara Oman / Almena , Kansas /

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