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    Clothes worn to school should emphasize that a girl is a lady and a boy is a gentleman. Appropriate grooming and manner is expected in all dress. Students will be asked to change inappropriate clothing to appropriate clothing, which may be provided by the school.

    Lycra running or biking shorts, unhemmed cut offs, halter tops, low-cut shirts, bare midriffs, see-through clothing, muscle shirts, narrow-straps or blouse-straps of less than 1" or clothing with suggestive and obscene material or that advertise alcohol or tobacco products are not appropriate dress.

    Students are not allowed to sag their pants in any USD352 school building, or on school property, or at any school events. Pants must be worn at the hips or above and must stay up without the aid of a belt or must be worn with a belt. Oversized or lose fitting clothing will not be allowed. Any student with sagging or baggy pants or oversized or loose fitting clothing may be provided with a belt by the school which will be worn to keep the pants at hip level. No hats, caps, bandannas or other headgear. No long, heavy chains or other similar items. Appropriate length for shorts, skirts and/or slits in skirts are those that extend below the fingertips extended.

    The final decision on appropriateness of dress or grooming rests with the principal or faculty. When representing the school, students will be given definite instruction as to appropriate and acceptable dress and grooming. If a student's dress or appearance is a distraction to the educational climate of the classroom or school, the school will assume its delegated authority to protect its intended purpose as an educational institution.


    1. Long hair must be covered, pinned or styled so that it does not hang loose.
    2. Footwear must be worn so that both the top and the bottom of the foot are covered.
    3. Safety glasses must be worn as required under State Law.
    4. Clothing that is dangerous around machinery should not be worn.