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Peer Counseling is a training program for juniors and seniors who are interested in learning communication, problem solving, decision making skills, and conflict mediation, team building and community service.

Peer Counselors Include:

    2nd Block:

    3rd Block:

    5th Block:

    7th Block:

    8th Block:

    Sponsor: Mrs. Farris


    Often times young people find it difficult to share problems and concerns with adults.   Generally, when a student has a concern he/she talks to a peer rather than an adult.  The student may not need "counseling" as much as they need a good listener and a caring heart.  For this reason the Goodland High School Peer Counseling group trains in communication, listening and problem solving skills.  They then have the opportunity to reach out to other students to offer them support and understanding.


  1. To provide opportunities for trainees to experience a better understanding of self and others and improve self worth.
  2. To provide training in effective communication and listening skills.
  3. To provide Peer Counselors with experiences helping other students regarding personal, social and educational issues.
  4. To provide and promote a positive climate at Goodland High School.
  5. To provide fellow students with empathy, respect, and understanding.

*** If you or someone you know is in need of a peer counselor you can fill out a counselors request form in the counselors office or contact any of the peer counselors.