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Family And Consumer Sciences

Teachers: Mrs. Short & Mrs. Cebula

Family and Consumer Sciences deals with many facets of life.    It addresses teens with the importance of maintaining  family, school and asocial life.  Giving students the skills of life is the top priority in Family and Consumer Science (FACS) by letting them have the opportunities to learn many valuable crafts and skills.  Mrs. Short and Mrs. Cebula are the teaches for this subject. 

Food Science

Food Science is the study of producing, processing, preparing, evaluating & using food. Food Science crosses many branches of science, including biology, botany, physiology, zoology, bacteriology, organic chemistry & physics. The student will conduct lab experiments, give demonstrations & explore food science careers. Food Science will count for 1 Science Credit

Family Living

Family Living focuses on the nature, function and significance of human relationship within the family/individual units.  Major emphasis is placed on personal growth and understanding of self, communication skills, family and sex roles, establishing and maintaining a satisfying home and family life, decision making as it relates to sexuality and family planning, and family crisis management.  Each student will complete a FCCLA Power of One Module.

Independent Living

Independent Living is for the students who would like to know more about survival skills needed for living on their own.   Do you understand the economic system, consumer behavior and consumer protection?     Have you ever furnished a room, written and balanced a checkbook, bought insurance or planned a budget?  How successful will you be in applying for and keeping a job?   Independent living will help you learn these skills, and many others needed in a day-to-day living.  Learn to take charge of your life and graduate with the skills to make it on your own.  The FCCLA Financial Fitness project is an integral part of this class.

Fashion Images

A new and exciting class that will focus on analyzing your personal wardrobe needs, applying the principles and elements of design to your wardrobe selection, dressing for the interview, learning ways family members share in clothing care responsibilities, analyzing the different types of stores and ways to pay for clothing.

Family and Consumer Science I

Family and Consumer Science I is a comprehensive course for any student because it emphasized skills necessary for effective family and community living.  Personal and human relationships, time and resource management, employable skills as well as fitness and nutrition will be stressed in the following disciplines: breakfast food preparation, home decorating and art principles, child care, relationships and clothing.  The student will complete an FCCLA introduction unit and one Power of One module.

Fitness and Nutrition

Nutrition and Fitness is designed for all students, athletic or non-athletic.  The class focuses on preparing individuals to understand the principles of nutrition; the relationship of nutrition to health and wellness; meal management to meet individual and family food needs throughout the life cycle; food economics and ecology; sociology-psychological aspects of food; and optional use of the food dollar.  Implement and complete one FCCLA Student Body Activity. 

Child Development

Child development focus on parenting readiness, parenting decisions, and parenting practices.  It is designed to strengthen all parenting skills.  Studies include pregnancy and birth, as well as social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the pre-kindergarten child.     Observation and actual working situations will be planned and carried out by the students to gain hands on communication skills with children.  A lab school will be conducted by the class at the end of the course.  FCCLA leadership development is integrated in instruction.  

Balancing Work and Family

Balancing Work & Family is a one year course designed to study the seven areas of homemaking at a more advanced level.  The units of study will include personal and family relationships, time, resource and consumer management, employable skills, fitness and nutrition and completion of an FCCLA Student Body Activity and an FCCLA Power of One Module.