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English Department


Freshman Classes

Taught by Mrs. Susan Hall

English I-   Grammar, composition, and literature are included in the year long course. Elements of each of these three areas are included in the course of study each quarter. Basic grammar, including parts of speech, parts of a sentence, phrases, and clauses will be emphasized. Writing skills such as capitalization, punctuation, and spelling will be thoroughly reviewed. Composition skills will be developed through short theme assignments based on student's responses to there reading and evaluated through the six trait writing process. at this level, literature will consist of short stories, poetry, drama, novels, and mythology. The course also    includes an orientation through the high school library and the use of specific reference tools such as the computerized card catalog, Reader's Guide, and the dictionary.

Sophomore Classes

Taught by Mrs. Susan Hall

English II-  In this full year course, literature and writing (composition) are central. Literature selections are varied and are taught concurrently with literary criticism and interpretation. Short stories, novels, drama, nonfiction, and poetry are read. Films are also utilized for interpretive engagement. All reading is accompanied by appropriate writing emphasis, including, but not limited to, research, literary analysis, and personal response. Writing emphasis include sentence, paragraph, and essay structure and organization for the six trait perspective. The class offers opportunities from community involvement, personal character exploration and career interest assessment. An outside reading program is utilized for personal choice in reading.

Junior Classes

Taught by Mrs. Sharon Hall

    English III-    Study in the year long course will include literature and composition. Primarily, American literature will be studied and will consist of short stories, poetry, drama, essays, and novels. In addition to literature, students will have ample opportunities to put the grammar and writing skills learned in the previous two years to use in writing longer compositions, as well as poetry, journals, and creative writing. As in previous years, the six trait writing model will be used. Student will be expected to read at least one book each quarter from a selected outside reading list.

Senior Classes

Taught by Mrs. Sharon Hall

English IV-    This is a required course for seniors and includes a review of grammar and composition skills. Using a minimum of 10 sources, students will write an argumentative research paper of 5 to 7 pages. Additional essays will be written in the descriptive, narrative, expository, and analytic modes. Final papers will be word processed. Students will evaluate their writing and that of others, utilizing the six trait writing mode.    In addition to grammar, writing, and vocabulary work, English IV will also include the study of literature. The literature will be studied includes non-fiction, science fiction, mystery and suspense, and drama.

Taught by Mrs. Linda VanLoenen

Composition I-    In this course, you will learn to communicate effectively your own special thought relying on the methods of narration, description, exposition, persuasion, and critique. All this may seem a tall order, but you will achieve success and satisfaction if you complete the class satisfactorily.  You will write 6 major papers, and as you work on each one, you will learn new techniques for gathering and developing ideas, for organizing your thoughts, for improving the sound and flow of sentences, and for editing out distracting errors.  Tuition fees and textbook costs are the responsibility of the student who choose to enroll in this course for college credit. College credit is 3 semester hours.


Composition II-    This course is designed to further develop the skills you were introduced to in the Composition I class, including the ability to compose and organize essays- using standard English to communicate ideas, thinking critically and evaluating the work and ideas of others, using sources effectively for support. (In other words we do write a 8- 10 page research paper.) Additionally, we will look at what logic is and how it should be reflected in the thinking and in the writing we do.  This course, too, is available for 3 hours of college credit. Therefore, the tuition and the textbook costs are the responsibility of the student.

Taught by Mrs. Susan Hall

Public Speaking-    (also available for Juniors) This course is designed as a semester ELECTIVE.    Public Speaking is an introductory oral communications course emphasizing skills in speaking, listening, audience analysis, and speech writing/delivery.  The course is designed to increase awareness of the importance of oral communication in today's society and to develop competent speakers.  As an ELECTIVE this course will NOT take the place of the students' requirement to pass English I, II, III, and IV or Composition I and II.