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Uploading Files to the Skyways web server Using Windows

Once you've developed your web pages you'll want to upload them to a web server so they can be viewed over the internet. Core FTP is a Windows-based program used to transfer HTML files and graphics from your hard drive to a web server (or vice versa).

Core FTP is free and may be downloaded from:http://www.coreftp.com..

When you launch Core FTP you will see a start-up window similar to the one below.


Your FTP software will need information so it can recognize who you are and determine that you have permission to upload files. In Core FTP this information is called your Session Properties and are contained in a profile. Here's how to set up your profile in Core FTP:

  1. Choose New (for profile name).
  2. Fill out the required items in the window (listed below in detail).
  3. Once you have filled out the profile requirements, choose Apply to save the settings.

Site Name: a site name is simply a name for the instructions that connect you to your web site. It's not important what you call your site name but it should at least reflect something sensible that you'll remember next time you launch the software (example: 'Library Web Site' or 'My image directory', etc.)

Host Name/Address: the Host Name for the Skyways server is: skyways.lib.ks.us

Host Type: Set to: UNIX(standard). Core FTP users don't need to enter host type.

User ID: enter your user ID that was assigned to you. It's case-sensitive. If you do not have a user ID or password, you'll need to contact Joshua Motsinger.

Password: Enter the password that was assigned to you. It's case-sensitive. If you've forgotten your password, contact Joshua Motsinger to reassign you one.

Selecting 'OK' will then open a connection between hard drive and web server. Below is what that looks like.


Your hard drive appears on the left side of the window and the web server (the 'Remote System') on the right. Your account is set up to automatically place you in your directory on the server. The green arrow at the top of the windows will move you up a directory. Clicking on a folder icon will open that directory.

Transferring Files
Simply select a file or a group of files in one window and push the appropriate arrow in the middle. Copies of the files you selected will now be transferred. You can send files from your hard drive to the server and from the server to your hard drive.


Transferring Files

  1. Text documents (.htm, .html, .txt) should be uploaded as ASCII text, so select the radio button marked ASCII before transferring them.
  2. Images (.gif and .jpg), sound (.au, .wav, etc.) or PDF files should be uploaded as Binary. Select the radio button marked Binary before transferring them.
  3. Easier yet, check the Auto box and you won't need to worry about 1. and 2.
  4. Core FTP users: Core FTP automatically detects the appropriate file transfer type by default, so you don't need to worry about this.
  5. Don't Use Passive Transfer Mode
    You will have problems connecting to the Skyways server if you're using passive transfer mode. In WS-FTP, the passive transfer mode setting is located under the 'Options' button, then choose the 'Session' tab on the 'Properties' menu. Make sure that the Use Passive Transfer mode checkbox is NOT checked and then click the 'set as default' or 'save' button.

You may wish to disconnect and reconnect to the web server at various times.
To do so use the Close and Connect button in the lower left-hand side of the

Further Help
If you're still having trouble uploading your files, you can contact Joshua Motsinger by email or phone at 913-588-4801 to help walk you through the process. The Core FTP site has Frequently Asked Questions page to help troubleshoot problems.