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Publishing Information - Step Two

Getting an Account

To have your web site hosted on Blue Skyways, you'll need to have an account on the Skyways server. This includes a directory to store your files and a userid and password to be able to upload and maintain those files.

To obtain a Skyways account, please follow these steps:

  1. Be sure you've read and understood the Blue Skyways Guidelines from Step One. All Skyways documents must conform to these standards.
  2. You'll need to agree to terms outlined in the Blue Skyways content providers Memo of Agreement

Click here to fill out the Memo of Agreement

Once you set up your page in conformance with these standards, we can work with you to establish your Blue Skyways account. We look forward to hosting your page on Blue Skyways so you can convey your story to a worldwide audience.

For any clarification of the above policy or questions, please contact:

Jeff Hixon
Directory, Information Technology Division, State Library
913-296-6650 (fax)
300 SW 10th Rm 343
Topeka, KS 6612-1593

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