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Blue Skyways Contract Agreement

Memo of Agreement
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This is a voluntary agreement by and between the above organization and the Kansas State Library. It outlines terms and conditions for contributing content to Blue Skyways, the Kansas library community's shared information service.

Only registered account holders may contribute content to Blue Skyways. In order to maintain their accounts, all Skyways account holders must comply with these terms and conditions. Generally, librarians will be the primary points of contact for pages hosted on Blue Skyways. Other arrangements can be developed on a case-by-case basis.

On behalf of the above organization, I hereby express our intent to participate in the Blue Skyways information service, and agree to:

  1. Conform to all standards outlined in the Steps to Publishing on Blue Skyways. I understand that Blue Skyways is intended to be a balanced information resource, not an advocacy platform. None of the pages I load on Skyways will include marketing, advertising, solicitations for dollar donations, personal information such as resumes, or promotions for any vendor's product.
  2. Maintain all pages our organization has loaded on Blue Skyways. I understand that we are responsible for testing and verifying the accuracy of all information in documents we load on Skyways. We are also responsible for updating this information on a regular basis. The site will be reviewed every six months to determine if an update is necessary.
  3. If I'm assuming responsibility for pages that were created by another Blue Skyways developer, I agree to protect the intellectual property rights for the creator(s) of those pages. I understand that no Blue Skyways documents may be copied or moved to other Web sites without the express, written permission of their creators and the Kansas State Library.