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Publishing Information

Steps to Publishing

Thinking about getting an account with Blue Skyways to host your web site? Have an account but not sure where to begin?

The following three steps have been developed to guide you through the beginning phases of putting your web site together to be hosted on Blue Skyways. Please note that some of the files linked to do not have navigation back to this section. If you have any questions, please contact jeffh@kslib.info for further clarification.

Step One - Review all of the guidelines to your account on Blue Skyways, including content, stylesheets, templates, graphics, and copyright information. Move on to Step Two

Step Two - Gather all of your skills and resources you'll need to be able to create web pages, upload them to the Skyways web server, and maintain your account. Move on to Step Three

Step Three - Sign up for an account on Blue Skyways. This includes a userid and a directory of your very own.