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Content Guidelines

Blue Skyways is intended to advance statewide library services by providing easy access to non-commercial resources of particular value to the Kansas library community. These include:

  1. Home pages for libraries, organizations, individuals and communities or community service agencies whose services and/or resources are of distinct relevance to Kansas libraries
  2. Directories, Internet training resources, and other materials that offer the promise of improving library services statewide

Blue Skyways is a project of the Kansas State Library, funded by public money and staffed by public employees. As such, it is intended to be a balanced information resource, not an advocacy platform or a medium for advertising commercial ventures. A steering committee made up of State Library and University of Kansas Medical Center staff is responsible for making decisions concerning Blue Skyways content.

No resources which contain significant commercial or marketing content will be incorporated into the Blue Skyways system. Resources on Blue Skyways may point to such resources, subject to limitations that may be posed by interpretation of applicable State of Kansas policies. Simple directory listings of commercial agencies, such as a community's Chamber of Commerce might provide, are acceptable. Non-profit organizations hosted on Skyways may include content related to fund-raising activities subject to review of the steering committee.

Guidelines for Document Providers

Documents and resources delivered through Blue Skyways represent not only the author/provider but also the KLNB and the KSL. These documents and resources therefore should have the following characteristics:

The following material will be removed from the server and the author notified of its removal.

The providers of documents and other Blue Skyways resources ordinarily will be held personally responsible for any legal liability which may be occasioned by failing to follow the guidelines in this policy document.

Document and resource providers should keep copies of their documents and other resources on local hard drives, floppies, or network servers to minimize the risk of loss.

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Questions about this document should be addressed to Jeff Hixon at the Kansas State Library. Issues may be brought to the Web Development Team for possible review. Should any policy changes occur, they will be published on Blue Skyways in draft form for review and comment by Blue Skyways developers before incorporation into the official document.