Poetry of Kansas

Stingy Folks.

Seen 'em do it, I have,
     Oftentimes through life,
Skimpin', stingyin' along___
     Every day a strife,
Jes' to see their dollar pile
     Grow bigger every day___
Fer themselves no comfort,
     Fer their child no play___
         Frum their birth into the grave
         Livin only fer to save.
Lord be merciful to 'em
     When they climb the stair___
Never had no tun down here___
     Otter have somewhere.
'Fraid, tho', ef the story's true,
     They will never see
Inside uv the mansions where
     The jolly folks'll be.
         Wouldn't be surprised ef Nick
         Ud prod 'em with his forked stick.
Common folks hey common ways
     'N' common sympathy,
'N' like to do their part to help
     A needy brother. Gee!
But stingy folks they ain't that way,
     But hey heart trouble when
They ort to give, 'n' make more fuss
    Than some dern settin' hen,
         A huntin' up some poor excuse
         To prove thet givin's of no use.
Ef I hed charge uv cyclones,
     'N' lightnin' 'n' the hail'
The tender hearted fellers
     Ud never hey to quail,
But ef you read the daily,
     You'd see where it'd say,
"A sweepin' cyclone come along
     On stingy street to-day,
         'N' every doggon feller there
         Was tuck a sailin' in the air."

__Ed. Blair.

Kansas Zephyrs
Ed. Blair
(Madison, Wis.: American Thresherman. 1901)
Pages 191-192

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