Poetry of Kansas

Dearer Than Before.

Many nights at parties,
    Where it takes the money;
Often at the opera,
    Hearing something funny.
Ice cream, cake and candy,
    And sweet flowers galore,
But he had to win her
    Though it made him poor.
Married now and happy,
    Living in a flat,
Looking at the items,
    "Jacket, cape and hat."
Man is somewhat worried,
    Wife she wonders why,
Wonders if he loves her,
    And begins to cry.
He, like all true fellows,
    Takes her in his arms,
Says he wouldn't trade her
    For a thousand farms.
"Am I as dear as ever,
    To you, Theodore ?"
"Yes," he answers, "darling,
    Dearer than before."

__Ed Blair.

Kansas Zephyrs
Ed Blair
(Madison, Wis: The American Thresherman. 1901)
Page 68

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