Poetry of Kansas

Thoughts on the Unfairness of Life

How rare the cypress--woeful tree,
With knees as knobby as those on me.
Why, my own mother does not root
For me, at the beach, in my swimming suit.
Women whom I cast my glance on
Beg for me to leave my pants on.
For my knobby situation
Far exceeds my reputation
        As a lover.
And they say that they prefer me
        As a brother.
These bony orbs 'twixt thigh and toe
Turn the hottest lust to snow.
Their only use is punching holes,
In which I plant my marigolds.

__Max Yoho.

Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious
Max Yoho
(Topeka: Dancing Goat Press. 2004)
Page 8

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