Poetry of Kansas


My thought is filled with wonder,
    The day one grand surprise,
First one thing and then another
    Has come before my eyes.
A spider in the garden,
    Was weaving fairy clothes,
A child stood by to watch it
    Under her little toes.
A bold and craggy mountain,
    A sparkling waterfall;
And picturesque stalactites
    Hang from a cavern wall.
I saw two little eaglets
    Just learning how to fly;
Sun shadows through an oak-bough,
    A river flowing by.
A brilliant patch of sumac
    Along a winding road;
A quaint old fashioned cabin,
    (Some pioneer's abode).
Oh, there were many others,
    I quite forget the rest,
Because my baby's fingers
    Lie gently on my breast.

__Marie Emery George.

Kansas Poets
Edited by May William Ward
(New York: Henry Harrison. 1935)
Page 82

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