Poetry of Kansas

The Best There Is.

Do I get all I may out of life?
   The most that I may, and the best?
Do I strive in the noblest strife?
   Do I seek in the holiest quest?
Are my eyes inclined to the sod, 
   Or aloft to the sunlit sky?
On the low valley road do I plod,
   Or tread on the hilltops high?
Do my eyes in slothfulness sleep, 
   Or wakefully seek the best view?
Like a snail do I sluggishly creep.
   Or soar, like a bird, to the blue?
Oh my soul! to the best bravely bend! 
   The prize is not for the drone;
Strive onward and upward; ascend
   To claim and come into thine own.

__John E. Everett.

Quillings in Verse
(Smith Center: 1912)
Page 15

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