Poetry of Kansas

What Makes Life Worth While?

It is not wealth that makes life worth
As we jog along apace,
But the clasp of a hand and a kindly
Sympathy, love and grace.
It is not beauty that brightens our
Though beauty may have its part.
'Tis the Godly living day by day
That strengthens a neighbor's heart.
It's not alone fame that may give us
        a name,
For fame is a fickle friend;
If we're just the same in sunshine and
And where sunshine and shadows
If you smile through the shadows and
        lend a hand
To a neighbor to help him along,
A crown is for you when your jour-
        ney is through,
And you reach that blood washed
Then kindly smile and make life
        worth while,
And pray every day for grace,
That through weal or woe as you on-
        ward go
You may always fill your place.
If your station is low, God would
        have it so;
He supplieth our needs each day.
Cheer another's heart in this busy
And love will be yours alway.

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 19-20

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