Poetry of Kansas

The World's War Of Today

Soon we'll send our boys of twenty,
        forth to battle far away;
For justice, right and liberty, they're
        going forth today;
Where a despot sways the masses and
        where honor's cast aside
And the sea's highway to nations
        and the people are denied;
Where relief we send to starving
        babes is cast into the sea,
Where whole nations and its people
        are deprived of liberty.
And while our boys go forth to fight,
        we mothers kneel and pray
"O, Heavenly Father, guard our boys,
        and send them home some day.
Their fathers fought for liberty,
        'twas in our own dear land;
Today we have as just a cause for lib-
        erty to stand.
Though far away they meet the foe
        on Europe's bleeding shore,
Where the nations of the world have
        met in battle's bloody gore.
Yes, side by side with them to fight
        a world's war of today.
Where France and England's soldiers
        fight the hosts of Germany,
And while our boys go forth to fight,
        this is the mother's plea,
O, Heavenly Father, guard our boys
        and bring them back to me.
O, may a world's wide peace be won,
        through ages may it last;
May the people choose their rulers
        and a monarch's day be past;
May all join to raise the standard
        peace and justice gain the day;
May the nations of the world unite
        and banish war some way.
O may a brotherhood be born of na-
        tions far and wide;
May all unite to stand for right what-
        ever else betide.
But now our boys must fight for
        right and mothers pray for
When in Thy name, Thy son shall
        reign and wars forever cease."

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Page 40-41

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