Poetry of Kansas

In Memory Of My Parents

J is for the journey he has taken,
0 is only I am left to mourn;
H is for the hour he will awaken
Near the throne of God he will be
And for me a light now points to
Mercy for my sins I now implore;
Earnestly I now recall the story___
Light through darkness shines for-
ever more.
I is for imperfect ways forgiven,
S is surely He will guide me home
Safely where the storm clouds all are
A is always safe no more to roam.
S is safe and singing songs of glory
Q is quickly to obey the call.
Unto life it is the glad old story
Into life through Christ from Adam's
R is for redeemed my chains are riven
Entered in salvation e'er too late.
Father's name and mother's
        here are given,
They have passed beyond the
        pearly gate.
M is for the memory of a mother,
E is for glad eyes she now can see;
L is for the light no power can
I is into immortality.
S is safe beyond this vale of weeping,
Safe into that bright celestial home.
A is always in God's blessed keeping,
And no more in darkness will she
J is joy to see his friends and meet
On that bright and fair celestial
H is hope that I some day will greet
N is nearer home to part no more.
S is satisfied to dwell forever
Quietly where living waters fall.
Untold joys no power can ever sever
I immortal life beyond recall.
R is for remembrance we still miss
Every day since they have gone
Read the letters down, you'll
        name my parents,
And we'll meet again to part no

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 8-9

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