Poetry of Kansas

Join Our Red Cross

We are U. S. soldiers, working for
        the right,
Working in the Red Cross, doing
        each her mite.
We are making garments for the
For the sick and wounded far, far
Is our service needed, ask the soldier
Wounded on the battlefield, if it
        gives him joy
Just to find clean bathrobe, pillow-
        case and shirt,
After he's been wounded and lying
        in the dirt.
Come and join our Red Cross, you'll
        be helping in the fight,
When you work for "Our Boys" in
        making bandages white
They'll be sorely needed, 'ere the
        war is o'er,
Come and help us, for we need many
Help to clothe the soldiers; socks,
        just a pair,
Means, two million pairs to make
        and all should do their share.
Come and join our Red Cross, we
        meet each week to work
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in
        the Christian "Kirk."
Two o'clock each afternoon, don't
        forget the time,
Come and join our Red Cross, come
        and get in line.
It will ease a painful wound, drive
        the tears away,
If we do our part in helping win the

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 41-42

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