Poetry of Kansas

The Lesson Of Patient Joe

There is a song my grandpa sung,
    entitled "Patient Joe,"
Whatever ills o'ertook him, it was
    for the best, you know.
He always saw God's hand above,
    whatever ills betide,
And trusted Him through joy and
    pain; he knew His hand would
And that though trials sore he met,
    'twas for the best,
He'd do his part with cheerful heart
    and leave to God the rest.
I've just been thinking that today
    when clouds hang dark and low,
Let's sing the song our grandpa sung,
    entitled "Patient Joe."
Believing all is for the best, that God
    is always true,
And that the future will reveal His
    will and bring to view
A glorious world, redeemed from
    war and Christians will unite,
To form a common brotherhood,
    God's ways are always right.
So as our world is all undone, with
    war and other ills,
Let's praise the Lord for His dear
    Son and pray and trust Him still.
The righteous never was forgot, He
    knows our every need,
And through green fields, with water
    still He will His people lead.
We need not fear His arm is strong,
    He will our need supply,
And if we do His will on earth,
    we'll dwell with Him on high.
So "when taxes are high and provi-
    sion is dear," like Joe let's believe
        we have nothing to fear.
And the ways of our Lord, though we
        don't understand, yet they lead
        to the ultimate good of our land.
And the day is approaching when
    warring shall cease,
And our world will roll out in the
    ages of peace.
These days shall be shortened for the
    sake of the blessed,
And from war and oppression our
    earth shall have rest.
And God has a purpose if we under-
We would know that all things work
    together for good.

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 27-28

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