Poetry of Kansas

Written For A Friend By

In this reunion we again have met,
One year has passed away and we re-
That some are not among us, some
      have gone
To take up arms for country, wife
      and home.
They are not here to join with us to-
In distant lands they meet the enemy;
We hope some day in future when
      we meet,
Again those absent loved ones we
      may greet.
But now a greeting I extend to you
And all our love and faith we pledge
We each have passed through trials
      since last year,
Perhaps a loved one rests, our hearts
      hold dear,
And yet, again, they may have only
The home roof for a new one they
      have blessed
With love. For them we may not
      shed a tear,
But hope when next we meet they
      may be here.
We've all been happy, too, since last
      we met;
To each some joy has come, it is not
      all regret.
We're one year nearer where the
      waters meet
And we pass over, may we then com-
Each task assigned us, may each
      deed we do
Receive our best endeavor, may we
      each be true;
May future years bring sunshine also
God knows we need them both; it is
      not ours
To wish a life complete without some
Some sorrows we must meet, some
      burdens bear,
But had I the power, I'd give you
      mostly bliss,
O'er flow your cup of gladness, this
      my wish
Would he: That you the pleasant
      pastures find
And leave the lowly foothills far be-
On higher plains at last your feet to
And this completes my wish, you may
      be truly blessed.
And I would join with you in earnest
That when the roll is called up yonder
      we may all be there.

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 26-27

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