Poetry of Kansas

Sing a Song of Kansas.

Sing a song of Kansas,
Princess of the West,
One of many sisters–
Fairest one, and best.
Heart of a great nation,
Brilliant central star,
Seen of all observers,
Hailed from near and far.
Stately in proportions,
Giantess in size,
Noted for her climate,
Famous for her skies.
Marvelous in progress,
Wonderful in deeds,
Other States may follow,
Kansas ever leads.
Sing a song of Kansas,
Land of fruit and grain;
Sound aloud her praises,
Thunder the refrain.
___From the Emporia Republican
Barrington, F. H.
Kansas Day
(Topeka: Geo. W. Crane & Company. 1892)
November 14, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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